Monday, November 13, 2006

Mir and NaNoWriMo: Well, The Flash I'm Not

I'm strolling along. In the 10 days of my NaNoWriMo experience (I take Sundays off), I've written 9392 words. I've got 37 and a bit pages done.

If I were on pace, I'd be up to 22,100 words.

I need some brilliant idea for how to fashion the escape-before-torture scene. Bleh.

So...No, I haven't shot that internal editor in the head; yes, I still fiddle with passages more than I should. And I've written more pages on that novel in 13 days than I had in the previous 4 months.

Yeah, NaNoWriMo has been a good idea.

I haven't sat down to do today's pages yet. I hope to crack 10K. If I'm lucky, 11K. Well, okay, not lucky. Just not so damn fiddly and edity.

Onward to the end...


RomanceWriter said...


You mentioned the internal editor. Oh yes, I know her well. We are enemies. If you figure out a way to kill her let me know.

Good luck with NaNoWriMo. I am giving it a go, too.


Mirtika said...

You're at 21K. Woman, you ARE FLASH! :)


Anonymous said...

I like the scene in one of Arnold's movies (forget which) where he's strapped to this table w/ all the instruments laid out and he says to the torturer, "See that #7 awl there [theyah]?" And the guy says like, "Yeah, so what?" And Arnold (my hero) says, "I'm going to stick it in your left eye." And then he does.

So I like a hero who makes things happen and doesn't rely on a lot of luck or mistakes. Ideas though... gahhhhh... the hardest and best part of writing. So I spend almost all my time writing, but not that much typing, sadly.


Mirtika said...


You cracked me up with the "theyah"hahahah.

I gotta say, I'm not a high-falutin' literary type, although I appreciate a master wordsmith. I do like thrillers and a fast pace. I wish I could write with the mad plotting skills of a Deaver or Crichton, but with a bit more feminine and poetic prose.


chrisd said...


How many words had you written on this novel before the first?

Hmmm? I say you have done great!

So there.

(I'm so far behind I feel like I'm ahead)


Anonymous said...

No, wasn't Total Recall (great movie though). It was the one he made after Last Action Hero, which kind of bombed because it was too thoughty for the masses. He was getting back to the Arnie formula. Like, "Want to be a farmer? Here's a couple of acres." Then he kicks the guy in the nuts. Hilarious stuff, Arnie's one liners. Might've had Jamie Lee Curtis in it too...

I'm sort of more into the sentence by sentence ideas than the overarching plot, which to me is just the coathanger. I wish I could write like DF Wallace. But I settle for just reading his stuff over and over.


Beth Goddard said...

It was the one about lies, had the word lies in it. Sheesh. I can't remember either.OH yes, now I've got it . True lies!! That was great and I loved that part you mentioned above as well.

Mir, you and I have the same writing goals, only you ARE a master wordsmith. LOL

Oh the reason I started this whole comment thing was to say that I veered from Nano. . .because as I already mention on my blog-- procrastination, but I have this terrible curse that I must rewrite my beginning chapters--first through third at least--continuously until I get it right. I'm NOT talking editing here, cuz they're very rough, I'm talking just getting the rythm of the story and the characters. Make sense?

I'm thrilled to say if I didn't accomplish anything else, I accomplished that. So, NOW I can start writing my novel.


Oh, BTW, I never heard from you on that incoherent space battle story. Did you just scream and say "No No, please no!" ROFL.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way Beth. I can't proceed until I'm happy with the beginning. Sometimes I overwork it trying to get the voice and feel just right. Also, since that's all most editors/judges etc. are ever likely to read...

Thanks for the name of the movie too.