Monday, November 20, 2006

Lisa Samson Interviewed at Novel Journey

Let me say up front, I love Lisa Samson's "look". I love her face. When I see pics of her, I want to approach that face and talk right to it. I love her perky hair, her smart-but-cool gal glasses. Plus, she can write. That always scores points with me. And she admits to being undisciplined--which I don't totally believe, given she's completed several novels. That belies that whole "undisciplined" thing. Maybe she's just not AS disciplined as, say, a really anal kind of person.

*I* am undisciplined. In fact, I should have a pin or badge of some kind that says, "Stand Back. Chaotic Chick in the Vicinity"

Anyway, all that to say that you should run over to Novel Journey and read the Interview with the wonderful Lisa "Love her Face" Samson.

Here's a snippet:

Most of what I find discouraging about Christian fiction lies more in the lap of the industry itself. And I'll just leave it there, except to say, should Christian “anything” ever have become an industry? It’s a tension, me being a part of that industry, that I live with every day.

I suppose my answer would be that at one time, no, you wouldn't have had "Christian" separated as a literary grouping/industry, because the culture was Christian-friendly. But once the culture became hostile to Christianity, and many editors in the secular publishing houses not welcoming of fiction that Christians wanted to read that had overtly Evangelical and conservative themes and characters, that, yeah, the division sort of presented itself. I understand why it's there. Even so, I also grapple with the same sort of frustration Lisa does about it's being there, with the limitations it imposes.

Anyway, go and read. Look for pics of her. Maybe you'll love her face, too.


Beth Goddard said...

Thanks for this, MIr.
I agree with you. . .our value system sort of got pushed out of the secular publishing. . .

Gina Holmes said...

Thanks for the plug, Mir. I LOVE the new look. Haven't stopped by in awhile. Very cool.