Wednesday, November 01, 2006

John Scalzi On NaNo and a Yahoo
CSF Alternative to the NaNo Forum

Back in October of 2003, John Scalzi, award-winning SF writer, weighed in on the National Novel Writing Month idea:

Generally speaking the most difficult thing about writing a novel is the actual writing -- which is to say the process of sitting down and going type type type type until you're done. I'm a big believer that anything that can help you enforce personal discipline is a good thing, and if it's the idea of a "National Novel Writing Month," well, why not. I also think that the idea of simply ploughing through 50,000 words in a month helps to demystify the writing process, and that's a good thing. Once you realize that writing to a great extent is simply about getting the words out, it makes writing the next novel that much easier.

I don't expect many of these novels to be particularly good, but I think that writing these novels to be good is secondary to the idea of writing the novel at all. One of the things I talked about at Torcon when I was on a panel for first-time novelists was the idea of writing a "practice novel" -- a novel which you write simply to see if you can write a novel, and for which you have no other ambitions except for getting the damn thing out. I did it -- Agent to the Stars is my practice novel, which I wrote just to try my hand at the form (I think it went pretty well). I learned a lot while writing it, and I think what I learned helped to make my second novel (that'd be Old Man's War) salable. I think what people are doing with National Novel Writing Month is working on their practice novels, and that's all to the good.

Some of you--hi to Valerie, John, Rochita, Aileen, Tobie, Keesa, Tokienite, R.L., Selena, Jane, Tim, Lisa, et al--from the ACFW or DKA or F*i*F forums have joined in to write a Christian speculative fiction NaNovel.

However, I've found the forum thread for us over at NaNo inaccessible today. Busy, busy Nano. So, if you want to consider a CSF Nano yahoogroup for this month, drop by here:

Approval is necessary to join, and you must be doing Christian SF for the NaNo to join. I figured it would be nice (and maybe easier) to have an accessible place for all of us from the "ACFW, DKA, F*i*F Christian Speculative Fiction NaNo Support Lounge" thread to gather, kvetch, encourage, support, inspire, and sympathize together.

It's there if we want it. Or not. I'm cool, either way.

And if you want to track me down, this is my NaNo Profile.

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chrisd said...

Well, now you can say I posted at your blog! ;D

I'll join the yahoo group simply because it's next to impossible to even get over to groups during the day.

Thanks for the heads up!