Monday, November 13, 2006

John C. Wright's Gut Check on Abortion

If you haven't been following the various post on the subject of abortion over at John C. Wright's blog, and if this is an issue that matters to you(and it should if you really do champion the most basic human rights), then head over there.

I am aware that a science fiction writer addressing any hotly-contested great issue of the day runs the risk of alienating the friendship and loyalty of otherwise kindhearted readers. While I would like nothing better than not to offend my dear patrons, certain debates are worth following to the end, without fear or favor, going only where the truth leads. I was a philosopher long before I was an entertainer, and so it is with an apology that I must continue to discuss an awkward topic. I will lose some readers, for which I am sorry. But most science fiction fans are made of sterner stuff, and do not fear ideas, even unpopular ideas. Indeed, the ability to see both sides of any issue, or to think the future might hold a different opinion than the current consensus, is one thing that makes speculative fiction speculative. Other genres cannot make this boast.

If you are not interested, or if you want to retain a good opinion of me, read no further.

His position, both righteous (but not self-righteous) and merciful only increases my good opinion of him.

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