Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How to Become the Best Kind of Collector

Camen of In The Open has a wonderful post today. She and her kinder are ill and watching children's fare to pass the time. She happens upon a wise--and truly Christian message--in a British animated kid's series called Charlie and Lola.

A teaser:
“But yours isn’t a proper collection!” Charlie whines. “A proper collection is to find all the same kind of things. And you have to know ALL about them. Like I know all about dinosaurs!”

Lola sees how much Charlie wants the dinosaur and tells him he can have it if he can guess what her collection is.

“But all your things are completely different! Nothing goes together,” he counters.

“But they do all go together because I’ve collected them for all the same reason,” Lola explains. All Charlie sees, however, is a collection of things no one needs. When he can’t guess, Lola finally tells him:

Visit Carmen for the beautiful conclusion...and lesson for kids and adults.

Psst, Carmencita. I hope you and yours are healing up nicely.

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Carmen Andres said...

heh, the kids are better and went off to school today whilst i shivered under a blanket waiting for my antibiotics to kick in. hopefully tomorrow i will be joining the land of the living--or at least be able to stand up without wanting to sit right back down.

*cough cough*

by the way, i look forward to your post on nicolosi, heh.