Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Femme at Speculative Faith: Up Now!

I told you I'd have it up today at Speculative Faith.

I fortified myself with roast turkey breast and stuffing and mashies and veggies and a salad and a cola. I'm only partially revived. Maybe, instead of fairy tales, someone needs to resurrect The Mir over here.

Anyway, Part Three of "How To Bring Myths & Fairy Tales Back From The Dead & Into The Light" is done,posted, and ready for you to comment to your hearts' delights.

Today's installment visits ravens in myth and fairy tales, and how to add Biblical realities to the fantasy of the stories. I offer questions to help you write your retold myth or wonder tale. And, I answer the question about what myth inspired one of C.S. Lewis' novels. That myth (and the novel) will be part of future Friday posts at Speculative Faith.

Now, I mean it. Go comment. It might perk me up.


Anonymous said...

Incredible article, and a topic I've mulled over quite a bit. I love mixing mythology and fantasy elements into writing, along with Biblical elements and from a perspective of faith and hope. I believe Truth can be so much easily accessible through fiction. It lowers those defenses that a lot of people have and provides a new, unique way of approachiing the values and beliefs we hold close.

Mirtika said...

I do, too, because in fiction, instead of someone preaching at you, you're seeing people (like you or like someone you know) going through the story and making decisions that matter. Of course, the most important decision of all is a spiritual one. :)