Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Flags of Our Fathers,Whines of Their Whelps?

For the Watergate generation, however, unmasking dirty politicians is always what it is about. "See, if we can unmask corruption in the establishment, maybe nobody will see the rot and inconsistency and meaninglessness of our own disastrous sexual revolution racked lives. If we can say that "The Greatest Generation" wasn't really that great, maybe we can drown out the voices of our kids who hate us for our selfishness? If we can say that there are no heros, even on a place like Iwo Jima, then maybe we can rid ourselves of the uneasiness we feel for our own pampered narcissitic lives?"
--Barbara Nicolosi on the film FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS

Read the entire ranty review here.

Hat tip to Carmencita.

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