Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Daily Sacrament" Short Story Contest

Relief Journal and Faith in Fiction blog are sponsoring the "Daily Sacrament" Short Story Contest. Here are the particulars:

Andre Dubus writes of cooking an omelet and it becomes a holy moment. Marilynne Robinson takes the acts of baptism and communion out of their churchly garb and gives them new resonance and depth. Inspired by examples like these, the "Daily Sacrament" short story contest will challenge you to explore the everyday in light of the eternal--or the sacred in the surroundings of the commonplace.

Reading Period: January 1 - March 15, 2007
Prize: Winner will receive $250 and publication in Relief Journal.
Runners-up: Published on the faith*in*fiction blog.
Word Limit: 10,000

To find out more about the kind of fiction Relief Journal publishes, we encourage writers to visit our site at and order a copy of the publication.

Relief will accept submissions online at a new contest site that will be unveiled when the reading period begins.

To read an interview with Relief fiction editor, Jon Mark Bertrand, then go here.

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Dee said...

Are you entering this contest, Mir?