Monday, November 13, 2006

CSFF Blog Tour:
R.K. Mortenson and Landon Snow

When Landon Snow's old Bible flips its pages to the story of Noah's ark, he and his sister Holly know that they're about to set off on another adventure in magical lands. Or waters, in this case, as Landon and his two sisters find themselves trapped in the rapidly flooding library of Button-Up, Minnesota!
--Dru Pagliassotti, The Harrow

LANDON SNOW AND THE ISLAND OF ARCANUM starts off with sports stuff. Now, anyone who knows The Mir knows I loathe watching most sports (I cut the Olympic track and swim events some slack), and, above all, I can't stand football. So, while that may count against it for me, that may be a PLUS on your "stuff I like in books" scale.

The Harrow review continues:

Publicized as a non-sorcerous alternative to the Harry Potter series, the Landon Snow novels use Biblical passages as the vehicle through which the Auctor — God — provides Landon with hints about his next adventure, and it is hope and faith, rather than magic, that the characters rely on for their success. While the Landon Snow novels don't offer the complexity and depth of Potter's world of wizards and Muggles, they are prosocial fantasy adventures that emphasize faith and family and avoid the moral shades of gray that have disturbed some Christians about the Potter novels.

In Bonnie Williams' article titled "R.K. Mortenson: The Author, The Father, And The Navy Chaplain,"
Landon's creator gets to explain his motivations:
In each book, Landon gets out an ancient Bible and the passage he reads determines what the fantasy will be. The distinct biblical theme is prevalent throughout the books.

"I'm not writing to teach and preach, but to inspire and entertain. In the same way that 'Alice in Wonderland' sparked my imagination, is the same way I want these books to inspire kids. I want it to more than inspire, but also open their bibles and look to God's Word for the ultimate answers," said Mortenson.

If you want a taste of Mortenson's style before buying the series, you should check out an upcoming Landon Snow short story, "Landon Snow & the Mysterious Gift," which will be featured in the December issue of Clubhouse magazine for kids, published by Focus on the Family.

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And remember, if you have a boy or girl in your family who would be delighted to follow Landon in his magical adventures, I have a three-book set of the harcovers in quite pleasing, youthful-hands-friendly dimensions. Post a comment asking to be entered in the drawing, and you might just win this series for your household or to give as a Christmas gift. Or, hey, for your church library.

Entries will be accepted all three days of the blog tour.

Landon Snow and the Island of Arcanum


Valerie Comer said...

Mir, I just have to tuck my name in here for your draw; you know how I am. Yes, I know I have my own copies, but I know a family I'd love to give the set to... Besides, I can't NOT enter your contests! :P

Anonymous said...

i'd like to be entered! i know some kids who would love these books.

Mirtika said...

Valerie and Deborah, you're ENTERED. :)


Beth Goddard said...

Just entering that contest for my son! Don't know if I"m eligible or not!

Becky said...

Mir, I have the books so am not commenting to enter.

Couple things. ACFW has a place where you can announce contests if you're interested.

As always your posts are so good--informative, entertaining. Really wonderful to have you blogging about CSFF, even when the book has some football stuff! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Hey, where'd my comment go?

Add me to the contest, please. (and if the comment (I thought) I entered earlier ever shows up, I apologize for the dupe.)

R. K. Mortenson said...

Thanks, Mir, for the creative and informative post. I am not entering the contest, please. But I hope whomever wins really enjoys the books!

S. P. Hibbs said...

Hey Mir! Great post. I'm so enjoying being apart of these blog tours. I hope we generate tons of traffic for Mr. Mortenson.

Mirtika said...

Thanks all for complimenting me and making me feel good on a draggy day. (Just utterly dozed off on the couch and woke up a bit ago.)

Beth and Chris. Y'all are entered along with Valerie and Deborah.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mir,

Please enter me into the contest. I have a couple of nieces who could benefit from an alternative to some of the secular comparisons this series has been given.

Jesterhawk said...

Mir, I would love to have my name entered into the drawing. :)

Jane Lebak said...

Mir, please enter me into the contest? My son would enjoy the books.

Janey Demeo said...

I'd like to candidate for the contest. I'm ministering to two boys who still don't know Jesus & these books would be perfect for them. I reviewed Landon Snow and the Island of Arcanum & it's wonderful. Comments on my blog:

Kimberly M. said...

I would like to be entered.