Saturday, October 14, 2006

Women Who Embarrass My Gender:
Bosom Buddies

From Neil Gaiman's journal:

I talked about Jerusalem, which I think may turn into a ghost story, and about the astonishing number of young ladies who want their bosomry signed by authors, which is apparently something that they are particularly keen on out here. ("We asked Orson Scott Card when he was here," one of them sighed, wistfully, "but he said as a good Mormon he could not sign any body parts.")

Yet one more reason for me to very much like Mr. OSC.

Although, I suppose one could understand in Gaiman's case, as he's sort of the semi-Goth looking "rock star" of fantasy, and rock stars have been signing body parts for quite a while. And while I am not alone in thinking the guy's cute in a skinny, intellectual sort of way, I wouldn't dream of exposing my D's to NG--for autographing or any other purpose--or anyone else, for that matter, other than Mr. Mir and my doc. Not even the totally stunning, remarkably photogenic GB, who has the power to addle women's brains and, one presumes, bosoms as well.

I keep mine on a very short, underwired leash.

I am old-fashioned that way.