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In the October 2006 issue of Jim Baen's Universe:

Science Fiction Stories

* All the Things You Are by Mike Resnick
~~You wouldn't think they'd be so dumb. Here they were, in the biggest spaceport in the country, with hundreds of holo cameras covering every inch of the place, and these three jerks actually think they're going to get away with robbing the currency exchange.

* The Old Woman In the Young Woman by Gene Wolfe
~~He had been walking all day. Twice the wandering trails he followed had led him into ruined towns; in each case he had halted and spent an hour or so poking through such rubbish as nature had not yet buried.

* Every Hole is Outlined by John Barnes
~~The ship was at least fourteen thousand years old in slowtime and more than two thousand in eintime, but there were holes in its records and the oldest ones were in no-longer-accessible formats, so the ship estimated that it was more like eighteen thousand slowtime, three and a half thousand eintime. It had borne many names. Currently it was 9743, a name that translated easily for Approach Control no matter where the ship went in human space.

* A Time to Kill by S. Andrew Swann
~~Marine Lieutenant David Abrams was a sniper with the 3rd Force Reconnaissance Company. He had the highest operational success rate of any U.S. soldier in the Iranian theatre, and coalition-wide there was only a single Scotsman with the SAS who had a better record.

* The Man Who Wasn't There by Gregory Benford
~~The security 'bots zoomed around the looming mosque like supersonic butterflies in the cold air. Jean watched them with his infrared eyes as their tiny plumes darted over the bare zone, blazing high tech fireflies.

* Little Sips by Barbara J. Ferrenz
* Great Minds by Edward M. Lerner
* The Power of Illusion by Christopher Anvil

Fantasy Stories

* Protection Money by Wen Spencer
~~Tommy Chang had no sympathies for the humans of Pittsburgh. Every time he heard someone complaining about how dangerous the city had become with the war between the elves and the oni, he wanted to punch the speaker in the face.

* Baby Girl by Jon Skovron
~~There was a knock on the door and it wasn't good. It couldn't be good. What knock at 2 am when you were taking a bath ever was?

* Femme Fatale by Jason Wittman
~~When I first met Molly Flammare, I hadn't heard any of the stories they told about her.

* Gnome Improvement by Rebecca Lickiss
* A Hire Power by J. Simon


* A Matter of Fact by Rudyard Kipling
~~Once a priest, always a priest; once a mason, always a mason; but once a journalist, always and forever a journalist.

Serials - parts and parts.

* Travails With Momma, Episode 3 by John Ringo
* Fish Story, Episode 3 by Dave Freer, Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis

Introducing: Stories by new authors

* The Men in the Mirror by Steven Ray
* Songbird by Jeremiah Sturgill
* Devil May Care by Jason Kahn
~~In his assigned pit in Hell's vast Pain Management Center, Cornelius, Tormenter Second Class, plied his trade with tireless enthusiasm.

NonFiction articles

* Doing a Slow Turn by David Brin
~~Lately, like a lot of other Americans, I have been trying to understand our national affliction called "Culture War."

* Terraforming: A Bumpy Road Ahead by B. B. Kristopher


* Salvos against Big Brother: Copyright: How Long Should It Be? by
Eric Flint
* The Editor's Page: October 2006 by Eric Flint

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