Thursday, October 12, 2006

What SF Universe Would You Live In ?

John C. Wright, acclaimed and eloquent author of ORPHANS OF CHAOS, (a book I will eventually review here) has posted an amusing and thought-provoking post for those of us who wear the badge of SF GEEK with pride, those of us who've wished we could live there, that place, not here.

His post was inspired by some polling underway at SF SIGNAL:
Reader Challenge #5A - The Coolest Science Fiction Setting (Written)
Reader Challenge #5B - The Coolest Science Fiction Setting (TV/Film)

(Go there and comment. I have posted at the 5B challenge. Scroll down to see my top three. I'm still the last entry as of this ayem.)

Of course, I am not as well-read or amusing as Mr. Wright, so I'll give you a taste of his post. with its evaluations of various SF universes, pros and cons:

Middle-Earth of LORD OF THE RINGS. No flush toilets. If you are not a scion of Numenor or an Istari from beyond the sea, who are you, like a gardener, maybe? And how is a stranger going to fit in? If you, a Big Person, goes into the Green Dragon for an ale, the hobbits will stare and make comments behind your back.

Mongo from FLASH GORDON. Not friendly to strangers. If you are a girl, you end up in the Imperial harem; a scientist, in the Imperial labs, and maybe getting brain-controlled unless you like the Beatles or something; if you're a guy, you're in the Imperial Arena fighting a space-dinosaur. There are winged space-Vikings and tree-swinging space-Merry Men, who seem picturesque, but all these guys are soldiers at war. On the positive side, the emperor's evil but beautiful daughter might fall madly in love with you.

Dune from DUNE. On the positive side, the Spice extends life and expands consciousness. On the negative side, if you are not a member of the aristocratic houses, the Spacing Guild, or a Bene Gesserit, being addicted to Spice means you will be longer-lived as a serf with an expanded consciousness, so you will notice how your life sucks more.

Wright settles on STAR TREK as the best one to live in. Do you agree?

(This is where I confess that in my youth, I'd have said YES unhesitatingly to living in the STAR TREK future. As long as I was a scientist and not a red shirt.)

While I think that now I'd choose to live in a fantasy universe where I could wield magic and dress sorta medievally and share an enchanted castle on a high hill with a magnificently heroic husband whose best pal is a wizard of the good kind, and maybe some flying horses, and definitely minstrels all about--that's not the question they're asking over at SF Signal. So, go answer their question.

But feel free to post here about which FANTASY universe/world/cosmos you'd choose to live in. I'm curious.

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Elliot said...

I wouldn't mind being in the royal family of Amber...