Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Theatrical Version of the 300 Trailer

It's tighter. Fiercer. It's still gorgeous. Same fab music.

And yet..I think I preferred the build-up of the other one. Small quibble, cause this trailer makes me wanna see the movie...TODAY!

300 Theatrical Trailer

The allure of the alpha warrior male is unfailing. Sigh.

Heavenly Haggis! This one just might finally make a full-fledged star out of Gerry "Scottish Beefcake" Butler.

Um, I meam a total star out of Mr. Gerard Butler, serious thespian native of the land that gave us the best "James Bond," Robert Burns, and William Wallace, an actor whose appeal is totally about his interpretive skill and character-inhabiting tendencies. Yeah, that's what I meant.


Edited To Add: For those of you who want it Quicktime and High-Def, here ya go: 300

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