Monday, October 16, 2006

Speculative Fiction with a Smile, Anyone?

If you like to read it, and if you write it--"it" being light-hearted SF--then you may want to read and/or submit to THE TOWN DRUNK.

The title may be offputting to some, but be aware they kindly put safety level notes on their stories, so you know if it's "safe enough for kittens" or if you need to exercise "caution." I think that's a rather courteous touch.

They are in "desperate" need of a holiday feature. Writers, if you've got a knack for speculative humor, consider submitting your Christmas SF tale to them. You must submit by October 31, though, okay?

Edited to Add: Steve T. over at Old Testament Space Opera thinks he may attempt a Christmas story for the above 'zine. I think you should go over and egg him on!

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