Monday, October 16, 2006

A Somewhat Late, Still Joyous Announcement

I have a grandniece. A second one. First came Catie. Then came Xavi--a grandnephew, natch. Now...Ashley.

Ashley was born Friday the 13th. My middle sister spent the afternoon calling her "Lucky," as a countermeasure. I thought that was cute, and I joined in. I figured hey, maybe "Lucky" would stick as a nickname.

Maybe not.

Let's just say I'm not wild about Ashley as a name for a kid with a Latino surname. But, I'll get used to it. I'm not sure if I'll be going with the whole name (Ashleeeee) or the first part, which comes across as superheroine tough (Ash-kicker!) or be a bit on the warped side and go for the oddball (Shlee) name which sounds like some 20th century experimental German painter. Or...hey, Lucky!

A rose by any other name...

Name aside, she's as adorable and soft and rosy sweet as could be, and her hair is very dark and nicely abundant. I hope she gets my brother (ie her grandpop's) and her mother's (my niece's) dark, thick hair. Indian hair, my mom used to say. Hair I was so jealous of growing up, with my own curly, frizzy brown mop.

None of us have the same kind of hair. Weird that. Brother with his almost-black, stick-straight, Bollywood hair. Me with the super curly brown-black. Middle sis with her medium brown with natural highlights in various colors (she was blonde as a kid, go figure) that tends to be straight, but a tad wave with some effort. Older sis with her coarse, black, nappy-ish hair.

So, time will tell how Ashley fares. Her mom has straight hair. Her dad has curly.

What for sure thus far is that she's an utter cutiepie.

I am enthralled by her baby lips and feet. But then, baby lips and feet are among the most desirable objects on Earth, no?


Heather said...


Anonymous said...

How wonderful! My own baby beauty still has little more than fuzz for hair, and she's now 16-months-old. Given her two older brothers and my refusal to let go of baby clothes until they are worn to nothing, I get a lot of, "What a cute little boy!" comments. (She is cute, especially when you think she's a boy - long lashes, round cheeks.)

But hey, when did this turn into something about me? Congratulations to you and yours on that Lucky little Ash-Kicker!

Mirtika said...

Hey, is your sweetie's fuzz red (like mama's)?

thank you Heather and Rebecca. I just go all silly when I see baby toes. EEEEGADS, they're cute.


Meg said...

Congratulations on the grand-niece! Kiss her toesies for me, okay?

Mirtika said...

With pleasure, Miz Megs.


Anonymous said...

On hair color: *Cry* NO! Three to zero in the red-head department. Guess the "brownish" gene is pretty dominant in my house.

There's something universal about baby toes.

Mirtika said...

That's a shame. Your hair is rather spectacular. Well, you can write a readhead into your novels. :D