Thursday, October 05, 2006

SF Author John C. Wright On Querying

As a reply to my post on Lit Agent X and query letters, John C. Wright posted a comment (on livejournal), that I reproduce here for you world-builders laboring over your own SF queries:

The answer is that a query letter is like a calling card. It is meant to get your name, the name of your book, and a short, short sales-pitch meant to sell the book, into the hands of an agent or editor. Generally, you merely need to emphasize the book's strong points, not prove that the book is strong: in other words, simply say: "the world-building in my book is complex and realistic. The rich detail will grab the reader's attention." Or say it is like a book that did similar amounts of world-building.

Remember a query letter is an ad. You are writing an advertisement to sell your wares.

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