Friday, October 06, 2006

Pray For Me: Mir Under Attack

I'm not important. Let's get that one out of the way. There's no obvious, national or global reason why the P&P should give a diddly squat what I do.

But, I think they really love to get you when you're down.

No mercy for the wounded.

And I have been fighting--though not as single-mindedly and diligently as Leonidas, I confess--one episode of the periodic depressions that have plagued me since I was 8. Granted, I don't get the suicidal thoughts anymore. God is good. But I do get these troughs, where I don't take the same usual pleasure in things that I do when I'm--not at the crest, I'm not ever really one of those given to euphorias--but just at normal sea level.

So, here come the low-level, peon operatives of the multinational P&P, finding me at a weak point, but starting, it seems, to ascend. Yeah, get her when she's seeing a glimmer of sunlight.

I won't go into details on my particular weak point where the arrows come in. Just trust me, it IS one of my weaker spots.

So, when you have your quiet time or devotion or go for a walk in the sweet fall air, could you ask God to send me some fresh armor and return unto me the joy.

I'm feeling vulnerable.



Heather said...

Wanted to let you know that I just said a prayer for you.

Mirtika said...

Wow. Talk about alert!

Thank you.

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

Mir – Seven years with a neurological disability taught me about depression. My heart really goes out to you sis. Hang in there. Your pals (like me) will be lifting you up in prayer.

God bless and keep you

Anonymous said...

My years as a drug addict I think have given me a feel for depression. Psych calls it anger turned inwards. Who said, "If you're not angry, you're not paying attention"?

Wish I had something helpful to say. It'll pass. You're not alone. You're not to blame.


Mirtika said...

Thanks, Cur and Chris. I appreciate it, sweeties.

(And chris, glad you survived that, dude.)


Rulan said...

Hi Mir, I came by way of curmudgeon's rant. I really enjoy love the captions you come up with for Fridays puns.

Sorry to hear you are down. I know what that can be like. Please know that I will pray for you.

The Lord loves you richly and you are a blessing to Him. He walks beside you day by day and at times, He carries you. You are so very precious to Him.

May the Holy Spirit rise up in you this day and fill you with peace and joy, in Jesus mighty name.

God bless you.

Mirtika said...

Oh, man, Rulan. I NEEDED THAT. THANK YOU!!!!!!


Chris Well said...

Erica and I will be praying for you this weekend, Mir.

Mirtika said...

Chris! How nice. Say thanks to Erica for me. Muah.

Rulan said...

Way cool. :)

Hey, would it be okay if I linked to your blog?

Mirtika said...

Rulan, I sent myeslf an email yesterday at 3:24 pm to "add Rulan to sidebar".

I tend to accumulate sites before I mess with the template, cause I get nervous messing with the template. Even something simple like links. I assume some klutz keyboard stroke and I'll evaporate my blog design or something. :)

So, I'll be adding you, maybe this weekend. Gotta gather up the other emails I've sent myself in the last month with "add to sidebar." :)

So, um, YEAH, you may.


Shannon said...

Praying, dear Mir. (Yeah, that rhymes. ;-) ) I hope you're feeling a bit stronger today.

One of the things the ACFW conference convicted me of is the need to pray more diligently for those around me ... so, you've got mine.

But I know the feeling of wondering why you're important enough to merit that kind of attention ... waking up after that nightmare ... *shrug* I'm thinking we should actually take heart in the fact that we're thus singled out. ;-)

Rulan said...

Cool. Thanks. I shall add you to mine.
What I do is take a copy of my template before I change things, just in case.

Hope your day is going well.

Mirtika said...

Thank you, Shannon for the prayers. MEANS A LOT. And it must be working. I feel myself improved, yes. Still in the forest, but not in the smack middle.

Thank, Rulan, for the reminder. I was told this by a couple of folks before, but it doesn't hurt to be reminded to take simple precautions against template DISASTER. :)


Matt Mikalatos said...'s it going now?