Saturday, October 07, 2006

New Mir Contest: Ideal Artist For Hancock?

I decided to make something fun out of some criticism I posted in the comments section of the Friday Femme post over at Speculative Faith (ie, my post titled MOVING THE CBA MOUNTAIN yadda yadda).

If you haven't read the comments, it has to do with how very much I disliked the book covers they created for Karen Hancock's highly acclaimed LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIAN KING series. Disliked being a highly euphemistic adjective.

Karen, graciously, did not email me a Word of Doom. She's cool that way.

So, let's have fun with speculative book cover art:

1. Go to any site you want (or scroll down the sidebar right here at Mirathon), and check out the cover of LIGHT OF EIDON. (Or just click that link for amazon and see it more clearly.)

2. When you're done cringing, add a comment to this post telling me who, in an ideal universe where you get cover art do-overs, you'd like to see tackle the covers for Hancock's series.

That's easy right?

Which speculative artist, of all the gifted ones who are currently (as far as you know) still breathing and wielding art supplies, should have a crack at it?

Yes, it's a fantasy. So...

Start fantasizing!

If you can include the url of some site that offers examples of the artist's work, so that we can all get a gander at visual yumminess, that would be extra nifty.

I'll post next week on my choice.

(Yes, I've already got one artist in mind. And I'm not telling today. Neener.)

Whoever chooses the best artist according to moi gets a prize. Sure, sure, it's subjective. I could have a vote or something, but this is not a democracy. This is the Land of Mirathon, and I am Empress. The winner gets a free Hancock book of his or her choice.

Caveat: It should be an artist whose style is suitable for a heroic CBA fantasy novel. So, no heaving, oversized bosoms or guys oozing blood and demon claws out of their eye sockets.

Note: If whoever wins already has every Hancock novel available, he or she may choose from a similarly priced book gracing my sidebar, one that is "in stock" and ready to ship at If none of my linked books suit the winner, we'll have to discuss it. Or I'll just cyberwhap you on your picky head. Depends on my mood.

I'm dying to read your choices. Come on, already. POST!

Edited to Add: Karen Hancock has posted answers to my question of who'd she would want, if she could choose any artist, to do her book covers. She suggested three artists, two who were familiar to me (Whelan, Canty) and one whose name was familiar, but I couldn't summon up an image. Well, she posted links. You can go see some gorgeous stuff. (Please make sure to check out Janny Wurts' WIZARD OF THE OWLS. Oooooooooooooh.)


Shannon said...

Whooo! I get to post first.

Since I really like the work of Todd Lockwood, I'm going to vote for him. (That's in case the link didn't go thru ... I love the guy on the sidebar of that gallery page. And yeah, not all his work is "clean.")

I printed the cover to the Dec. 2003 issue of Deep Magic ... the one that was the inspiration for my one and only published piece. It's on the wall right above my little writing table. :-)

And in case nobody knows who this guy is ... he's the artist who brought Drizzt Do'Urden (one of my husband's favorite characters) to life.

Shannon said...

Oooooops ... I just saw that you said no guys oozing blood or demon claws out of the eyesockets ... *giggle*

I still think he'd be great.

Mirtika said...

Wow. His TEMERAIRE is gorgeous. And his Midnight Tides. Digging it.

Very attractive white-haired fellas of the elfen kind. heh.


Shannon said...

Id'nt he great?? I knew you'd like him. :-)

Matt Mikalatos said...

If you say "fantasy art" I say "Charles Vess."

Mirtika said...

What a wild coincidence. I was reading from Faery Reel last night before I turned in. :)

I also have Stardust. Didn't realize he was the artist. (Memory stinketh here.)


Marci said...

Hi - I really like James Christiansen's work - like the art here -

Especially Dusk, Garden Rendezvous, Portrait with Berries, Sleeper lost in Dreams and The Ten Lepers (love that one!)

Mirtika said...

Thanks, Marcie. I had seen his Sisters of the Sea before, but not some of the others. Portrait with With Red Berries is lovely, and yeah, Dusk---amazing blue. Sleeper lost in Dreams...nice moood. I'd seen the bronze, not the painting. Love--and laughed--at St. Brendan the navigator.. THANKS.


Becky said...

I am no judge. I look at some covers and they grab me, but those are few and far between. Most of the time I ignore them. When a book is in my hands, I'm focused on the WORDS. Crazy, I know.

I like Donita's covers, especially the last two. Done by Mark D. Ford. I couldn't find a web site for him.

Valerie Comer said...

Let me plug a little nepotism here and recommend MY DAUGHTER!

I see what she has posted right now under original art is more chick-litty, but she has also done a lot of fantasy work and is hoping to break into doing book covers. She's sending out portfolios to publishers this very month.