Friday, October 20, 2006

If I Was A Man, I'd Sign Up For This Today

Black is the foundational and main color in my wardrobe. Whether panties, bras, socks, shoes, shirts, shawls, jackets, sweaters, or is there in mass quantities, dwarfing any other color.

Once, I went four years wearing it day in and day out, with only the occasional lapse into a crisp white or red top, or the accent of pearls.

Everyone thought I was a witch or in mourning.

I still feel really happy in total black with lots of silver and or gold jewelry, maybe some color accent stones like amber or blue topaz or amethyst or turquoise.

So, if i were a guy, I'd be signing up for Black Socks. They sound like top quality, and they simply deliver according to a pre-set timetable. You never run out of black socks. How cool is that?

Too bad they don't have Women's Black Trouser and Athletic Ankle Socks dot Com. I'm always running out of those.

hat tip to Neil "I only wear black" Gaiman.

Note to Mr. G: All blacks don't match. There are blue-blacks, brown-blacks, purple-blacks, green-blacks, charcoal-gray blacks, etc. So, you still have to go out in the sunlight and match them.

(Personal Revelation: I tend to do a quick "open the door and put the pants next to the top and see if they got together" with my blacks. Only sunlight tells the truth. Oh, and I prefer midnight blue-blacks. I used to dye my hair raven wing black...but I'm too old for that starkness now. It just points out that your skin has been pounded by gravity. Pity. I love blue-black hair.)


Anonymous said...

I love wearing black. I've been endlessy reminded that it's a "New York thing."

I love wearing black with silver jewelry and my favorite color purple (plummy purple) I also like wearing black jeans with a denim jacket and turquoise jewelry.

Black rules!!!

Mirtika said...

Isn't black totally rocking with chunky silver and turquoise. Gosh...I wish I had millions. I'd be up to my eyeballs in silver and black and turquoise. And red. :)