Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hancock Artist Contest: And The Winner Is...

Okay, I promised I'd pick the winner of the Name a Fantasy Cover Artist to Re-do Karen Hancock's LotGK Series Contest.

First off, I'd like to thank Shannon, Becky, Val, Jim, and Matt. Each suggestion was so different in style, and each artist has their own visual voice. This is cool.

Before I announce the winner, it's time for me to reveal who I'd have liked to have done the covers. This is the dude. I actually bought another set of the Tolkien's (I had a set from the 70's), because the covers were so beeeeeyooooootiful.

No one picked Alan Lee, and no one had an artist that I could say--this is close, very Alan-ish. Which is good. That means we had diversity.

So, who'd I pick?

I chose the winner who chose an artist I had on my "Hancock Short List." Along with the artist suggested by the winner, my short list included Justin Sweet, Darrell Sweet, Jim Burns, and Kinuko Y. Craft--all wonderfully gifted. I'd die if Kinuko Craft did MY book cover. Die. Of joy. Of pleasure. DIE!!!

So, Jim, you win with Michael Whelan. Add aol dotsy com to the end of this blog name, and you'll reach me via email.

You get to tell me, JB, if you want one of the Hancock books or, if you have all those, which equally or lesser-priced tome from my sidebar you desire. Or, suggest a title in that price range and we'll work it out. Or I could donate to one of your fave charities. Look, I'm really flexible today. It's that anniversary celebration going to my head!

Thank you again to all participants.


Hanna said...

I love Michael Whelan! He's done so many classic amazing covers

Heather said...

checked out the alan lee site. you're right. beautiful. and looks strangely like the movie. or should i say the movie looks strangely like his art.

Mirtika said...

Michael Whelan is just up in the SF art stratosphere. When he does landscapes in that glowing sky blue and the red, gritty earth, it just makes you feel full of wonder. I love his skies!

Now, imagine owning one of those babies. Whoo.

I find his art peaceful, Heather. A bit of tranquility and longing.