Thursday, October 19, 2006

God is Good and so Is REAL Art:
Support Your Christian SF Artists!

The Mir is smiling. Ask me why.

Nice of you to ask.

Cause hubby is giving me art for Christmas. REAL art. Not a print. Honest to goodness, original, from a human hand, just for me REAL art.

Normally, around November, I might drop a hint for X book or Y cd or Z other book or ABC computer-related thingie. We tend to give most of our holiday gift-money to World Vision, Samaritan's Purse, Habitat for Humanity, and Voice of the Martyrs. (It is, after all, Jesus' birthday, not ours. I wrote about this last year HERE and HERE. I guess this entry today would be Gift-Giving Suggestion Part Tres.)

This year, I wanted something unique and something beautiful and I wanted to support a Christian fantasy artist.

I like art. When I was just barely into puberty, I'd catch the train and bus and go to the museum and...breathe the glory of it. Sometimes, I felt on the verge of emotions so strong that I felt close to passing out from them. I can still sit for hours, enraptured, staring at the pages of one of my art books. Museums are a kind of sacred space, because it all reminds me of the Ultimate Creator: God. No one can do what God does--create worlds in grand scope, and then create a creature as small and charming as a ladybug or a sea horse.

But we should create. We're His image. And all of us have worlds inside. Mine take shape with words.

Cause I can't draw.

Or paint. Or cut paper prettily. Or even push clay together in a remotely pleasing shape. I have trouble matching clothes, which explains my fondness for monochromatic dressing.

In fact, if art-ingesting aliens from the Planet Ruuuk dropped down on Earh and proclaimed that all human life's survival depended on my ability to create a stick portrait of the King of Ruuuk that tasted good to them...we're all dead, folks. Cause even a stick figure of King Bububu would be stupid looking and unpleasant to the palate. And crooked.

I've been supporting Christian SF for the last few years via book buying--even if I didn't WANT to read the books--and by donating to CSF webzines and by, hey, using up my time to be part of a volunteer editorial staff at a CSF webzine. Plus I've given time to the promotional and profile-raising vehicles of the CSFF Blog Tour and Speculative Faith.

Now, I wanna support Christian SF art.

With hubby's generous and kind and very sweet permission, I've commissioned a piece of fantasy art. Because I edit at a magazine with the title DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS, I've asked the artist to create something with a dragon, a knight, and an angel. I also requested that the angel have black hair and golden toned skin. Like me.

(This has less to do with egoism, than with the fact that I love black hair and golden-toned skin. Asian and Hispanic coloring of this sort appeals to me, aesthetically. Plus, I admit, when you're a minority--and look like one-and grew up having to play with blond dolls, seeing cards with blond angels, and seeing magazines with a host of pale-skinned, fair-haired models on the covers, it starts to make you think the society doesn't value your coloring. And it leads to a measure of self-loathing that takes years or a lifetime to outgrow. I've seen it in people near and dear to me who think that the only good skin is fair and the only good hair is straight and light. I've seen Hispanic women basically mutilate themselves to have Anglo features and use chemicals to lighten their skin and more chemicals to straighten their hair and liposuction to rid themselves of Latino backsides. I was fortunate to have a pretty middle-sister who valued her coloring and wide nose, and a mother and father who didn't have complexes about their looks. But you don't grow up "unfashionable" and not have it wound something inside along the way. So, I'm doing my part to say, Hey, angels can look like me! Rant over.)

Back to the subject at hand: real art for Mir.

The cute-as-pie artist is named Sara M. Butcher. You can see her very colorful and super-pretty stuff at her online studio: DreamflierStudios.Com.

If looking at her lovely online portfolio gives you an urge to support artists who do fantasy work, she's having a really cool sale right now on commissioned, original work: $100.00 for a 5 x 7 piece.

She's also got holiday greeting cards that feature her art for sale. Holiday Angel might be just right for that wonderful aunt or sister who's always baking sweet treats for the family. And Angel Rays has a sweet youthful air--maybe for one of the adolescents in the family.

Order any two items from her site right now, and you get a gorgeous mermaid print... FREE!

If you get something from Sara, let her know Mirtika sent you, ok?

I hope you will go out there and support a Christian artist for Christmas, via ACEO's or greeting cards or real art or just a donation to keep their studios online. And if you're a Christian fantasy artist and wouldn't mind allowing DKA to feature images of your art (to grace a story or poem or, since we're searching for a suitable image, our masthead) for free or a very, very modest fee (our budget is like...anorexic), drop me a comment and we'll talk.

And pray that more artists who love Jesus will prosper in ALL the art forms. For His glory. Amen.

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