Friday, October 20, 2006

Five Friday Word Associations: SF Version

Thanks to Carmen of In the Open, I'm enjoying playing along with the RevGal's Friday Five: Word Association. You can play, too. Leave a comment if you do, so I can go read your associations.

Here are my five:

Whirlwind-- "I am the whirlwind." (Paul in the miniseries of DUNE.) I still think that's one of the most alpha male sexy lines ever. Whoo. Whirl, babycakes, whirl! :::cough, cough::: Dratted sand gets in everything.

Foundation--Future empire, psychohistorians, Hari Seldon, The Mule, Trantor. I'm predicting, using the law of mass blog action, that my answers will all be SF-related, thereby insuring my high score on the Geek-o-meter for at least a year to come.

Lightning--Zeus. Yeah, just got a big old honking image of a muscular, randy, bearded deity in a skimpy tunic hurling a zapper at some inconvenient mortal husband of some ancient Grecian hot chickadee.

Den--Of iniquity. Er...I have no idea why that's what first popped into my head. Maybe I should go meditate on something pure and innocent like white doves and newborns and artesian spring water or my husband's smile. SCREECH! BACKTRACK: I mean, Of Thieves. DEN OF TIHEVES. Ali Baba, "Open, Sesame," and ill-gotten loot. Yeah, we're back on speculative ground and keeping to the Seldonian plan. That's better.

Prey--Bird of.
And I don't mean hawks and eagles. I mean Star Trek, Romulan. You know, the ones with cloaking devices and maybe a female captain with the hots for Spock. Looky here:

It's kind of worrisome when all but one of my associations were, actually, SF-related. Or...just very Mir-ish.


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

You have a wonderful imagination, my friend. I loved what you came up with.

Mirtika said...

Thanks, my punny sweetie.


Carmen Andres said...

dang, girl, your answers are MUCH more creative than mine! must be that three-year-old boy running around my feet as i try to come up with answers. yeah. that's the ticket. right.

Mirtika said...

I just have sci-fi and fairy tales on the brain today after having to write my Spec Faith post. They served me well.

Muah, Miz C.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... I'm not a trekie, but I thought it was the Klingons that had the birds of prey. Just did a google search and yep, it's the Klingons. Tsk.


Mirtika said...

Obviously, you are nto a Trekker. Cause "birds of prey" can be Romulan or Klingon. :) As I like the Romulans better in the original series...I went with them.


Anonymous said...

Nah, the Romulans remind me of my dad, bless his soul. I like the Klingons, especially their foreplay, like the way they break each other's clavicles and whatnot. "Yesterday I did not know how to eat Gok!" Best line in any of the series.


Mirtika said...

I like my clavicle the way--and where-- it is. ; )

But I gotta admit. Worf was pretty hot.


revabi said...

good play and welcome to revgalblogpals.