Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Faithful Mom, A Remarkable Daughter

Just read a multi-part blog installment at ABOUT FACE, VeeJay's blog. She posted her mother's memoir-style recounting of her experience giving birth to and mothering a child with a facial deformity.

Later, after the infants had been wheeled back to the nursery, the obstetrician came to my room. He solemnly drew the curtains around my bed, then spoke in subdued tones. He had no idea what my baby’s condition was nor what might have caused it, he admitted. Further, he could give no prognosis for her future, other than that she would undoubtedly be blind and mentally deficient. Having told me that, he swept the curtains back and swiftly fled from the room. I felt as though speaking to me had been nothing more than an annoying task on his busy to-do list, and now it had been thankfully accomplished.

Doctors get it wrong, sometimes. We know that.

God always gets it right, always. We trust in that. Even if it doesn't seem that way. This is faith. And this is hope and love. Those three hang out together.

Read all the parts. Then browse VeeJay's blog. She's a heckuva gal. And her mother tells a beautiful tale of hardship and faith and family and endurance and providence.

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