Friday, October 13, 2006

Entries To Date for Cover Artist Contest

~Shannon M. suggests Todd Lockwood (If you thought that Bloom-as-Legolas was one mighty fetching elf, you'll want to check out this guy's gallery, ladies.)

~Matt M. suggests Charles Vess

~Marcia Laycock suggests James Christensen.
Come on, peops! If you read and buy and enjoy SFF, you've got to have fave artists or covers. I wanna hear from you. Who would do Hancock's fantasy series visual justice?

~Becky M suggests Mark D. Ford.

~Jim Black of the Bedford Review submits Michael Whelan (one of my personal faves and I have a book of his art..somewhere in my chaos).

I will be selecting the winner on October 17th, which is the one year anniversary of this blog's birth. So, please post your suggestions for the ARTIST YOU"D LIKE TO SEE DO-OVER THE COVER ART FOR THE LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIAN KING SERIES BY KAREN HANCOCK.


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