Monday, October 09, 2006

Entries So Far: "Suggest An Artist" Contest

~Shannon M. suggests Todd Lockwood (If you thought that Bloom-as-Legolas was one mighty fetching elf, you'll want to check out this guy's gallery, ladies.)

~Matt M. suggests Charles Vess

~Marcia Laycock suggests James Christensen.
Come on, peops! If you read and buy and enjoy SFF, you've got to have fave artists or covers. I wanna hear from you. Who would do Hancock's fantasy series visual justice?

~Becky M suggests Mark D. Ford.

Oh, and since we're Hancockian this week, visit TITLE TRAKK, cause they have THE SHADOW WITHIN in their reading room.


Anonymous said...

I think Boris Vallejo would have a very different take on that cover...

Mirtika said...

Chris. I think I meantioned no heaving bosoms. I also should add, no tremulous buttocks.