Tuesday, October 31, 2006

DKA Magazine: Day Two of the CSFF Blog Tour

The Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour continues with its focus on DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS MAGAZINE.

Today, I want to mention the DKA staff, its community, and the wider DEP family.

What is she talking about, some out there may wonder, and what's with the acronyms?

DKA you already know--or should. (Hint, see first paragraph or previous post). DEP stands for Double-Edged Publishing. This is a non-profit organization run by Bill Snodgrass (ie, donations are tax-deductible) that supports severeal online publishing ventures: DKA, The Sword Review, Ray Gun Revial, and Haruah.

All these webzines have some other things in common. They're run by volunteers, for one. Secondly, they try to offer quality stories and poetry and (in some cases) essays/columns for those interested in SF (the first three zines) and mainstream/literary fiction and poetry (Haruah). All depend on donations. All encourage community. All are labors of literary love.

Some pay, some don't. DKA does...but not much, not much at all. You might get one or two venti lattes out of it, depending on what you submit.

Our currently active DKA staff--and, oh, lawdy, I hope I don't forget anyone!--includes:

Selena Thomason (managing editor)
Keesa Renee Dupre
R.V. Saunders
Rosemary McMillen
(but you can call her "Rose")
And moi--Mirtika Schultz

(I'd like to send a cyber sisterly-smooch to Cameron Walker, TSR staffer, who has been helping us lately, when he can.)

So, how does the DKA staff function?

Like this: When you submit electronically, we editors get notified by email. We come to the DKA editorial section of the forum to read, discuss, and grade the submissions. If we're slow, we generally require three editors to give a submission the thumbs up or thumbs down or give feedback for revisions. When we're uber-busy, we may will accept, request revision, or decline on the agreement of two editors. Selena then gets back to the submitting writers with the outcome. If we asked for revisions, it's then up to the writer to send them (at their pace) or not.

Sometimes, we decline something because it's not a right fit--not because it's poorly executed. Most times, yeah, we think the craft is not up to the other offerings we can choose from, so we say, "Sorry, not for us." Other times we work through one or more revisions to get a work with promise to a better place.

But it's never easy to say no.

Conversely, we all get a kick out of a unanimous "YES!"

As far as our DKA community, the forum area has threads for all manner of things--general topics (which houses The Coffee House place for chatter), SF news, discussion threads for each new story or poem, reviews--all are mine or Elliot's, so far, but if you register for the forum, you may post your reviews. I encourage you to post, in fact, reviews of Christian SF that you've loved, or of secular (but not Anti-Christian) SF you recommend.

It's not hard to register. Consider it.

If you have friends who might enjoy what DKA has to offer--to read or in terms of a hang-out--refer them. We have one thread for introductions. Say hi!

Visit our FAQ
if you need info on how to get around.

Update on Crit Contest: As of right now, I have two names in the drawing for a free five-page editorial critique (or short poem crit)-- Valerie Comer and Jason Joyner.

If you'd like a chance to win this crit from ME, post a comment saying you'd like to be entered in the contest.

Now, visit my tourmates, and see what they have to say today about DKA:

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cyn said...

I set up the blog tour posts for both the Lost Genre blog and Frank Creed's A Frank Review and I would just like to say how much appreciation I have gained for DKA. I've never sought out 'zines of any sort but now I see the error of my ways! The array of fiction is pleasing and the quality is marvellous--I was really taken with the creativity of "Useless Meetings" --good pick!

Keep up the good work,


Mirtika said...

Cyn, are you familiar with The Sword Review? They have some really good stuff (they're DKA's big brother). :)

Thanks for the kind words.


Pixy said...

I wanna enter the contest! I love getting my stories torn up! :)

Mirtika said...

You are contestant number THREE Miz Pixy.