Saturday, October 28, 2006

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You:
The October Edition of the CSFF Blog Tour

Come Monday, the CSFF Blog Tour--Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy, for those not familiar with the acronym--is headed your way.

As part of the focus on Dragons, Knights & Angels, I'm offering up a contest with a prize of a critique by yours truly (no, really, I'm pretty good) of the first five pages of your story or of a short (one page) poem.

Anyone who posts a comment under one of the blog tour posts here at Mirathon from Mon thru Wed just has to say, "Enter me into the critique contest," and that's enough to get your name in the hat. I will accept names from other blog tour blogsites. Those blog owners will have to email me the names.

Critiques will be via email, so be prepared to divulge your info. Also, I'll need the poem in the body of the email, and the five double-spaced pages may go in the body of the email, be posted at one of your sites, be in a Word document, any of those. Just make sure you have regular virus scans. Do not submit an attachment unless you have Norton or McAfee or a reputable equivalent regularly checking you for that crap.

If five pages seems measly to you, know that some editors will reject you slam-and-bam on the basis of one or two pages. Sometimes, one or two paragraphs. And THIS GUY will tell you the first five pages matter a lot.

If it's a very short short story and you go over a bit (say it's six or seven double-spaced pages), I'll cut you some slack and read it all.

I'll also let you know if it's the kind of thing you may confidently submit to DKA.

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