Monday, October 30, 2006

Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy
Blog Tour, October 2006: DKA Magazine

As anyone semi-well acquainted with this blog already knows, I am an assitant editor over at DRAGONS, KNIGHTS & ANGELS MAGAZINE. We're a webzine. We publish online. No hard copies. And the magazine has traversed a rocky road since Rebecca Shelley founded it in 1999.

I know. I remember when it almost vanished from E-Land.

In 2005, a knight-in-shining internet armor, Bill Snodgrass, rode in with his merry band of SF aficionados and kept DKA from merging with the mist. And now, more than a year after Johne Cooke (editor, writer, generally cool dude) wrote a vision statement for the resuscitated DKA, we're still chugging along, trying to give you better stories, finer poems, and an all around good CSF experience... and, hey, a hang-out!

If you've wondered about the title of the magazine, well, this bit from the Vision Statement should help explain:

{T}hese elements are merely representative. Please don't feel that you /have/ to write about dragons, or knights, or angels to be published in DKA. That would be silly.

As separate elements, DKA represents different aspects of speculative fiction that range from the horizontal, to the mystical, to the vertical. Together, Dragons, Knights, and Angels represent truth, danger, and that moment of epiphany when your pre-conceptions are changed forever.

If you've never visited or read any of the offerings at DKA, I encourage you to do so. Browse. Look at back issues. I'm sure you'll find something that will please you. Or, at least, I hope. And if you have a story that fits our vision statement and is 1. NOT merely a novel chapter or 2. NOT longer than 7K words (and I prefer even shorter, personally), please submit. (Please proof your work carefully before submitting.) Submissions are done online and we try to respond within a month. (We are pretty good about that, too.)

DKA, by the way, stays afloat on donations, several from the volunteer staff. If you believe in promoting and supporting Christian SF, I will make this appeal: Donate to DKA and keep the CSF coming. Or, the magazine may end up dissolving into the mist as it once almost did.

We've kicked off the campaign to fund the 2007 budget. Read about it. Help out.

Finally, I'm very happy to report that the results of our first poetry contest are officially announced:

First place, $75.00 prize: "Statuary" by John Kuhn
Second place, $40.00 prize: "Two Cathedrals" by Malcolm Deeley
Third place, $20.00 prize: "Transport: The Revelatory Love Song of Arthur J. MacArthur Prufrock" by Chris Mikesell (clearly, a madman, that Chris)

Honorable Mentions:
"Black Hole Relationships" by R. L. Copple
"Open" by Patricia Kelly
"On the Crest of Victoria Crater" by Deborah P Kolodji
"How Angels Fledge" by Jane Lebak

Do go by John's blog and congratulate him on his win.

Here are the blog tourmates for October 2006. Visit. Comment. Enjoy:

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As mentioned before, I'm offering a five-page story/one-page poem critique to one contest winner for this blog tour. If you have a novel or a short story or a short poem that you'd like critted by The Mir--make sure you can TAKE criticism before entering--then just leave a comment here or at one of the contest-participating blogs (such as Speculative Faith, see above) with a simple, "I want to enter the crit contest."

I will pick a name at random from the entries from this and the other contest-participating tour blogs. If the blog doesn't mention the contest in any of its posts, consider them NON-PARTICIPATORY. Be prepared to submit your email information, so that I may notify you and arrange for the critique.

Happy blog touring!


Anonymous said...

Love your contest idea. Not entering, just loving it. Wouldn't it be a hoot to post the pages and your critique? I mean, if parties were willing, which given your rep I doubt they would be. ;-)

Wonderful idea, all the same. Thanks for giving of your time, Mir!

chrisd said...

re: Poetry contest

That's right! You would have read it! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (tears are forming in my eyes from laughing)

(Now, face is turning beat red!!! )waaaahahhhhahahahahha

Mine was on Boromir's gift from Galadriel.

Good golly--I hope it went through! That was the whole point of me sending it in!

No, I'm not kidding. I really did send it in.


I'm not a poet. I never professed to be; it was just an exercise to make sure I followed instructions.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the winning entries in the DKA poetry comp. I mean, I was pretty pleased w/ my 3, not one of which even made the HMs (although Selena did email me saying they "liked" one but that it just wasn't "right" for the mag. Nice lady. Lifted me out of my funk up into barely depressed).

Tonight will blog (in my usual roundabout way) a review of Jane Lebak's "Damage" (which I wrote over the weekend) and also your "Voices" piece and one other. But moreso it's a reflection on the whole CSSF genre as I, an "outsider," experience and see it.


Mirtika said...

Rebecca, I actually considered the whole idea of the first page critique and posting it...but that can be so...harsh. Other blogs do that, as does Writer's Digest. It's not a bad exercise. I suppose one could do it totally anonymously.

ChrisD--using us for practice, huh? And we judged blind, so I didn't know who was whom, although Chris Mikesell's was easy to guess, considering his insane title.

Chris-aka-Snarky: Oh, I hope you weren't too vicious. Muah.


Valerie Comer said...

Hey, Mir, enter me in your contest, though it will be a couple months before I get back to that novel and give that opening five pages a facelift.

Mirtika said...

Okay. So far, you're number one entry.


Jason said...

Thanks for the email answers. They'll be up the next day or two. You rock!

Oh, and you can put me in the contest for the critiqu-y thing. I need someone to crack a whip at me.

Mirtika said...

Jason said I ro-ock! Jason said I ro-ock!

Clearly, I'm on a fructose high right here.

Jason, you're my second entry.


Josh said...

Just wanted to say that as a writer I admire you putting so much effort into this. It seems so rare for this genre to be taken seriously, especially from a Christian point of view. Thanks for all your hard work.

Valerie Comer said...

Hey, don't let Jason win just because he said you rock! I offer cookies. Or something. What do you want?

Mirtika said...

Thanks, Josh. Your commnet makes me smile.

Valerie, he doesn't get bonus points for wild compliments. :) But, eh, cookies?? Are they chocolate snaps?


Valerie Comer said...

They COULD be.... ;;)

Mirtika said...

If it's double-chocolate snaps (that really snap) with a hint of coconut, I am bribe-able. Hey, we all have our weak spots.


Tina said...

I'd love to enter the contest Mir!

Mirtika said...

Your entry number four, Miz Tina.