Sunday, October 08, 2006

Christian Fiction For The Eyes:
FoxFaith Movies

If you're into Christian Fiction, you're gonna recognize some of the titles that are about to become screen experiences. Check out Carmen's blog entry on FoxFaith films.

Christianity Today wondered if the films would be any good. They interviewed Steve Feldstein, senior vice president of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment:

Christians will be happy to hear about FoxFaith, but some cynics would say that Fox is just doing it for the money. How would you respond to that cynical response?

Feldstein: I think, unfortunately, there have been interlopers in the business that weren't committed to it. And to those people I would simply say, watch us.

What are some of the things you're doing that would show that commitment?

Feldstein: We're doing up to 12 movies a year—and that's just the theatrical stuff. We have no intention of flooding the marketplace. We are focused on quality, not quantity, and bringing true production value to this storytelling. Some of it is more polished than others. We intend for all of ours to be of the highest production value.

That's good, because some of us are getting tired of saying, "Oh no, not another crummy Christian movie."

Feldstein: That's not our business. Every one of these movies will have a message of faith. Some will be more overt than others, but that is the common link amongst all of them—like with the Janette Oke stories, with Love's Abiding Joy coming out. The trials and tribulations of that family, it's their faith that keeps them together. You look at Hangman's Curse, it's their faith that gives the kids the strength to go forward.

True, but I'm not talking about that thread of faith. I'm talking about Christian movies that can be so "agenda driven" that art is sacrificed on the altar of the message.

Feldstein: Let me be very clear: We are in the business of entertainment. First and foremost, FoxFaith releases will be quality entertainment. We have no agenda and we are not in the business of proselytizing or preaching.

Personally, I was totally underwhelmed by LOVE COMES SOFTLY and didn't bother watching the sequels. They're on number four of that series, so someone must be enjoying them. (Different strokes.) I am looking forward to THE LAST SIN-EATER. (Sin eaters fascinated me since I first heard about them when I was, like, 12 or something. Remember the NIGHT GALLERY episode?)


carmen said...

mir, thanks for the heads up on the CT article. sigh, i am cautiously (very cautiously) hoping that Fox's funds and prestigue will draw some talented and gifted folks into the big-screen story-telling arena. i am one of those who groan when it comes to the Christian filmmaking industry because way more often than not, the story is indeed sacrificed on the altar of message. again, thanks for the link. blessings. carmen

Beth Goddard said...

I know Th3ee is also one of the movies, and that Kathryn Mackel finished the screenplay for the Hidden which potentially will be done by Foxfaith! So I think we have some thing to look forward to. I agree with you, though, about Love Comes Softly. . it's another prairie romance story (isn't it?) and not all of us enjoy those.


Mirtika said...

Well, I enjoyed Sarah Plain and Tall. :) And I've read prairie romances I liked loads. This one was just kinda not much was too straightforward and the characters not all that...captivating. And then again, the actors in SP&T were able to add depth with their talent.