Sunday, October 15, 2006

Calendars for 2007: An SF Survey

I am a calendar junkie.

I wasn't always.

Prior to 1997, I had one wall calendar like normal folks, and maybe, maybe, a small one for my purse.

Since my thyroid shrivelled up and left me in a near-coma, the brain is just not the lovely, springy, organized, remembering thing it once was. (I used to be able to read texts for class, and remember page and paragraph of where info was. Now, I'm lucky if I remember where I put the book.)

As a result, I buy tons of calendar devices each year:

~One big one for my desk (blotter style) to remind me of dentist and doctor appts, repairmen visits, family affairs, etc, and to write down phone numbers and special phone messages. Also, to remind me when the lawn guys come by (so I can pay them) and when I need to remind hubby to dump Chlorox in the a/c tube.

~One for the bathroom wall, to remind me of everything I need to know first thing I get up for that day--like, oh, gotta get my bloodwork done, do not EAT. This only works if I remember to write the things in. My track record is spotty.

~One that stays at all times in front of the computer so I can jot down what book I need to order, review, what blog tour I'm participating in, what I weighed that morning (horrors), what my visitor stats are for this blog, when I need to post on another blog, etc. This one also gets the "I wrote X pages today" tracking.

~~One on the desk for tracking home related repair and upkeep stuff (after the last two hurricane seasons, this is sorta necessary).

~One floating one for when I'm not near the others and need to jot something down that will then be transferred to the main calendars.

So, it's getting close to Calendar buying month (ie December). I wanna order early, cause I hate not having broad options. The blotter one I get at Office Depot. Always the same style. It works for me. I also like the floating one and sometimes the computer one from there (pretty cover, nice room for taking notes). But my wall calendar I like to get something fun.

For years, it was the Astronomy one. Light pollution made me give up on that. So, I converted to the MEDIEVAL WOMEN calendar. Then they stopped making that and made me very cranky. So, I started buying pretty floral ones that suited the bathroom.

I think I'm going SF this year. Fantasy, most like, as they offer more sheer "prettiness."

If you like calendars--or, like me, NEED them--and you're into SF, consider these:

Star Trek Ships of the Line --For Trekkers into the Hardware

For Original Series Lovers

For Tolkienites

For Tolkienites who like the Hildebrandts

More For Tolkienites

Although this is the LOTR one to get, imo

For Fairy Aficionados

And for Disney Fairy fans

And More Fairies

And Really Gorgeous Fairies

For Delighters in Dragons

Though This One Look Really Nice

Action Dragons

For Potterheads

And Another

And hey, it's BUFFY!

A Lovely Arthurian One

By Particular Artists:

Keith Parkinson

Stephen Martinere

Boris Vallejo

Stephanie Pui-mun Law

H. R. Giger

Do give me a heads up if Michael Whelan or Kinuko Craft put out a calendar, huh?

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carmen said...

girlfriend, i absolutely love you! i can't believe you put all this together. i always end up with a lame one tacked up on the side of my refigerator -- but not this year! bless you :)