Monday, October 23, 2006

Become State Poet Laureate (Sort of)!

Matt Mikalatos is having fun in his own parallel universe where he gets to declare poets laureate for states that have shamefully neglected to have one of their own.

Wanna be a sorta-kinda poet laureate?

Well...go here. Read the instructions. Skim the hilarious FAQ. Choose a state. Put your best state-ly verse forward.

I'm doing New Mexico . If my muse cooperates, that is. Naturally, it will be speculative. I've teased Matt with including a talking saguaro and a multi-dimensional Pueblo mission.

1 comment:

Matt Mikalatos said...

You were teasing?

And I was all geared up for it. Maybe the saguaro could be half mountain lion! Weird!

In other news, I wrote the governor of Washington a note today letting her know about the contest. I am confident that she will be just thrilled.

Thanks for letting people know about the contest, even if you are scaring them all away from New Mexico.

I shall have to add to the FAQ: no calling "dibs" on any one state.