Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Agent X: Query Tips for SF Worldbuilders

First the asking part:

Q: My question is--if you've written a story (say an urban fantasy) with a complex mythology that is highly unique and integral to your characters and plot, how do you convey that in a query without overwhelming an agent? I don't want to include a glossary of terms and an explanation of the different classes of the characters' society in my query just so the agent understands what I'm talking about! (Not that I would ever really do that.)

But I also feel the intricate worldbuilding is part of what makes the story stand out--part of its hook. What's the best way to blend that into a query?

How should a writer go about balancing the details of the world they've created with the basics of their story?

For the answering part, visit Lit Agent X.

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