Sunday, September 24, 2006

Update on Chip MacGregor : For Writers

Yes, some of you were very disappointed that Chip left Warner/Hachette Group.

But, there's good news. Novel Journey posted this:

I'm excited to announce that veteran of the publishing industry Chip MacGregor is forming his own literary agency—MacGregor Literary. Hopefully when Gina is back online she'll be able to tell us what, when and the where.

Gina, hurry up! We're all dying for the update.

And all you who went to ACFW, please give us updates, market news, anecdotes, tips, whatever. Some of us couldn't go and want a bit of a vicarious thrill.

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Gina Holmes said...

It's true. Our buddy Chiparooster has started his own literary agency after much thought and prayer. He won't want for clients that's for sure.

His wife Patty was on board he says and it's what he loves to do. He wasn't interested in children's stuff, horror or out there genres (I think the example he gave was historical gothic or something to that effect, simply because he said he wouldn't know what to do with them.) Otherwise he says he needs to like the writer a whole lot and love their writing. It has to be stellar for him to consider representation. You can visit him at