Sunday, September 24, 2006

An Uncensored Peek Into A Writer's Mind

Most of us tend to be awfully polite and decorous about rejections. After all, why boohoo on a global communications network (ie. the web).

I always get that momentary sinking feeling, and then, strangely, it passes rather swiftly. I think this is perhaps because none of the rejections I've had has yet been for something that I've truly labored long, long, long hours and weeks and months for, so that the investment ensures a bit of depression or a touch of fury at a turn-down.

Still, I doubt I'd be ridiculing editors should I ever have some massive enterprise snubbed outright, such as a 100K word long novel. I'm pretty sure I'd put on my game face in public and soldier on.


And that is why the September 20th post at Fair Writing was a fascinating hoot of a read. This is a blogger who has no trouble saying, "This is exactly what I think and burned bridges be damned."

If you don't mind utter frankness and enjoy snarky humor, you should drop by. But be warned, something there will likely make you bristle. And I think Chris likes it that way.


Bonnie Calhoun said...

That was a hysterical post...I like how he interspersed his rant about the publishers amongst the story about the Muslims! Cool!

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed Bonnie. Thanks for reading and commenting.

and Mir! Thanks for the blurb and link! Yeah, I know what you mean about burning bridges. I've dealt with exactly 2 editors that I haven't pissed off. The Clarkeworld guy, Nick Mamatas, requested a rewrite when I subbed one under a penname (after we'd totally nuked each other via my true identity) but I think he's figured out it's me and's blocking my penname now too. Down goes that bridge (unless I come up with another penname!).

I asked the DKA ed to NOT comment on any stories she rejects of mine. And she obliged on "Email from the 11th Dimension" (which isn't really a story per se anyway) and so we've been nothing but civil and are getting along very well. Zero bad vibes. A first. Or maybe I'm growing thicker skin.

My dad occasionaly whines about my blogs. I guess I don't see this collection of essays and reviews as all that globally accessible seeing how only a handful of friends visit it. But I appreciate your heads-up, and it has been taking a few more hits of late, but still mostly from the Microsoft Web Crawler, ie. 207...

Oh yeah, DKA accepted "Godspeed." I sense your influence here.

Thanks Mir.


Mirtika said...

DKA editor Selena is very much a gracious lady. She let everyone know you would not be receiving our comments/didn't want feedback (but by then I had already posted comments on 11th Dimension and Godspeed.)

And you're right about the "influence." :)


Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in seeing your comments (if you still have access to them) Mir. I promise not to blog them or in any way become pissy.


Mirtika said...

Then you're gonna have to give me your email, snooky. I can't find it anywhere in my address book, and your comment here gives me only "anonymous"> :)


Anonymous said... (at)

And thanks a zil. Rubbing on some skin-thickener now... look forward to seeing them.

Got a mildly p.o.ed but also civil and nice email from the senior ed of Harrow who somehow found my blog. Have replied apologizing for my tone, but not feelings. Also (cooincidentally) got an email from Clarkesworld 10 min. after posting here, saying he's still holding the piece. Your blog is dangerous Mir.


Mirtika said...

What? You think they found their way there from here? Nah. I doubt the Harrow and Clarkesworld peops are visiting my wee religion-drenched site. :D

But I rather like the idea of being dangerous. Growl.