Thursday, September 21, 2006

Un-Fricken-Believable!~The "300" Promo

"Spartans! Tonight we dine in Hell!"

Hurry yourself to catch the kicking trailer for the upcoming Gerard "Abs of Glory" Butler film, 300. It'll probably go bye-bye rather fast, as it has at other sites. I'm guessing the studio hasn't given the go-ahead on distribution. I could be wrong.

But go see it now HERE.

I thought it looked amazing. Call it SIN CITY meets BRAVEHEART meets GLADIATOR. Wow.

Gerry Butler, babe extraordinaire, does a lot of screaming (I hope he doesn't damage those manly vocals of his) and is nearly unrecognizable in Kingly Leonidan beard and hair. He also can't fully hide the Scottish accent, as much as he might have wished. Who cares? I like burrs with my brawn. And this movie delivers on brawn. Whoo.

Hey, God made me a girl. I'm supposed to like that stuff. :D

The picture is all about warrior ferocity and the stunning visuals, looks like. No surprise. It is, after all, based on a graphic novel by Frank "Sin City" Miller, that is itself based on a famous historical event. (See my previous post on this.) Expect action and violence and intense emotion and super cool eye dazzles.

"Before this battle's over, the world will know that few stood against many."

Oh, I did say hurry, right?

(For the record, let it be known that I loved the noir brutality of SIN CITY, because there was this odd nobility and vulnerability and heroicism and heart mixed into the freakishness of the cruelty and degradation. It's an awful lot old neighborhood in the Bronx, only with better looking people. Although, sheesh, I'm so tired of religious folks--priests and ministers--being the baddies. Watched a not-so-fabulous film called ULTRAVIOLET this week, and that's another one where the religious element is perverse-i-fied.)

By the way, you other Butler Babes out there, I decided to take my drooly posts on the subject of things Gerardish to a new blog: Butlerian Crushgirl.

That way, Elliot and Chris and David and the other males who drop by don't have to put up with constant Mir-gushing over my fave bit of yumsy Scottish beefcake. Well, except for here. And now and then, when pertinent. Heh.

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Elliot said...

The religious organization in Ultraviolet is strange - it's got those snakes of Ascelpius (sp?) weaved around the cross. And besides mentions of 'the arch-ministry' and 'Vice-Cardinal-whatenver' I didn't feel they played it up too much. But yeah, it does get a bit tiresome to have the church be the baddies - I thought their remarks about God at the end pointed out who was truly doing God's work.

I'm sorry you didn't like it, particularly if you watched it based on my review!

Mirtika said...

Well, the fight scenes ripped off EQUILIBRIUM (which I liked better, although it nodded at Fahrenheit 451 and other dystopias). I got sick of the "Okay, they're gonna go in a circle and be slaughtered" thing. Redundant.

But I thought it had some interesting visuals. I actually thought the kid was gonna be her child (ie, they took her fetus and experimented on it). I was disappointed that it wasn't hers.