Thursday, September 21, 2006

Three Terrrific Songs In Three Cool Videos

I can be obsessive. (Or is that compulsive? I do confuse these terms.)

That's why I have thousands of books, too many magazines stacked haphazardly, too many cds (is there such a thing?), and I can't stop kissing my husband some days until my lips are all swollen up.

When a song or album gets under my skin, I play it for hours on repeat mode. It's one of the sweetest traits of my snooky-hubby that he will tolerate me using his iPod for my obsessive repetitive endeavors in his car when we're riding around. Last time it was Kelly Clarkson's "Addicted" that got played like 8 times in a row on the way to my brother's house. Prior to that it was Ashley Cleveland's version of "Gimme Shelter" (and some months ago it was her version of "The Needle and the Damage Done"), and prior to that it was Chingon's version of "MalagueƱa Salerosa," and before that it was Cat Stevens' "Sad Lisa," and I think it was Sting's "Fortress Around Your Heart" before that.

Well, I'm getting that way with videos (especially music ones) on YouTube.Com.

So, to share my obsession with y'all, here are some videos I play and repeat and repeat and repeat. The reason? These are songs I own on cds that I've played and repeated and reapeated and repeated. Click on the group/title to see the video:

1. Chasing Furies: "Thicker"

I have two copies of the Chasing Furies debut (and only) cd, WITH ABANDON. It's a thing I do with cds I end up playing and carrying about a lot. One to listen. One to keep in storage in case the first goes bendy, melty, or scratchy. I was mighty put out when they broke up. I had found a kicking, rocking, alt CCM band with a female lead singer...and they do a one-timer. How irritating is that?

You can get the cd for less than a buck over at amazon. Lucky you.

This is my fave song from the cd. I wish I had the voice and range to sing this. I don't.

2. Evanescence: "Bring Me To Life"

I bought the cd FALLEN before it hit it big. I'd sampled it in a Christian bookstore ,never having heard of the band, and went, "Wow!" The combo of ethereal soprano rocker with hard driving band, whoa. Loved it. Then they also hit me with a "here's our record that you'll love, and, oh, we're done now, bye" routine. ARGH! This video got heavy rotation on MTV/VH1 when the song was hot around the time the crappy DAREDEVIL film was out.

3. Within Temptation: "Angels"

This band hasn't pulled a one-er, thankfully. I bought their cd, SILENT FORCE, and have been very happy with it. It's got a nice, semi-permanent spot on my carousel. I recommend it if you like the soprano gal doing rock combo.

Apparently, if one is going to be a soprano rock chick, there's a rule one must be dark-haired and lovely?

Or I could be generalizing. :)

In any case, go, and enjoy sharing my obsession/compulsion.


UKSteve said...

Hehe, never had you down as sharing my thing for rock chicks, Mir!

And have you not been to lately? You should. You really, really should.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mir,

I have a question re the DKA poetry competition you're helping judge.

You request that all submissions be pasted into the control (as opposed to uploaded). This loses italics and underlining and whatnot (which doesn't affect me), but it also splits longer lines kind of randomly, which'd be okay too I guess (life imitating art and all) except that it impacts the 25 line limit. So my question is, do soft line breaks impact the line count?

Anonymous said...

Never mind Mir,

I've sorted it out on the forum. Sorry to annoy you here.

Mirtika said...

Steve, if you mean their upcoming release, I pre-ordered that yesterday. Noticed it on amazon. :D

Anonymous (Chris?)..I wouldn't know how to answer that anyway, so I'm glad you sorted it out. I'd have had to check with the editor.