Friday, September 29, 2006

The Tardis and The Bard

I'm still upset about the departure of Chris Eccleston as the newish Dr. Who. Yeah, yeah, David Tennant will surely be fine. But he's not Chris.

Today, I got to watch a couple of season 1 episodes I hadn't seen the first time round on the sci-fi channel. They had a marathon of episodes, 'cause SEASON TWO premieres tonight here in the US.

Still, while we're watching the second round, shooting of round three is well underway.


Shakespeare To Appear On Who

Russell T. Davies, executive producer of the BBC's hit SF drama Doctor Who, told SCI FI Wire that the show's upcoming third season will again introduce a famous character from British history, in this case the author of Hamlet and King Lear. "William Shakespeare [played by Dean Lennox Kelly] is going to be in one of the episodes," Davies revealed in an interview in London. "And I think it's going to be one of those lavish, gorgeous episodes. We're really traveling around the country to get the right locations, because Elizabethan streets are not easy to come by, so the whole crew is going on the road. We're spending three nights in the Globe Theatre, which is the replica of Shakespeare's Globe, so it's a really big shoot. I'm very excited about that one and the script by Gareth Roberts, which is just gorgeous, so that's going to be very exciting."

The third season, which began shooting in July in the United Kingdom, will also introduce the Judoon, a clan of galactic stormtroopers, Davies said. "But otherwise, it's just too early to go into it yet," he added, declining to discuss other season-three spoilers.

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