Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Speculative Poetry Contest, Cash Prizes--
Seventeen Days Left For YOU To Enter

Full announcement at DKA Magazine's website.

PURPOSE: -to encourage quality poetry submissions to DKA magazine
-to support the speculative poetry community
-to entertain our regular readers, who deserve the best
-to attract new readers eager for excellent speculative verse
-to please God, who takes pleasure in creative endeavors

THEME: Revelation

Be creative. Avoid clich├ęs. Explore your associations of this wide-open theme. Surprise us. Move us. Enlighten us. Wow us.

While DKA is a "Magazine of Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy," we do not require overt Christian terms or metaphors, and in fact, we get bored of shallow and predictable treatment of spiritual and moral concepts and characters. Be fresh.


All winning poems and honorable mentions (if any) will be published in DKA magazine. In addition, these cash prizes apply:

First. . . . . . $75.00
Second. . . . $40.00
Third. . . . . .$20.00

Honorable Mention(s): If the quality and number of the poems received allow for one or more honorable mentions, each would receive only the usual $5.00 regular publication payment.


Entries must be original, unpublished works: no reprints. Poems may be in any form and up to 25 lines. Poems longer than the line limit will be automatically disqualified. Each poet may enter up to 3 poems, but each poem must be submitted separately. Poems must contain a science fiction or fantasy element.

All entries should be submitted using our online submissions process. Please indicate in your cover letter that your poem is for the contest. Please put the full poem in the intro section.

Instructions on using our online process can be found in our guidelines. Please read them.

We ask that you respect the magazine's audience and tone. Please, no profanity, no graphic sexual content, no gore, and no belittling of any person of the Godhead, as the term is understood in traditional Christian theology (ie. Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

No member of the DKA staff or judging panel may enter this contest, nor any family member of a DKA staffer or judge.


All entries must be received before midnight September 30th (Eastern US Time).

We plan to announce winners at the end of October and publish them in November’s issue.

RV Saunders
Mirta Ana Schultz (Yep, that's The Mir)
Keesa Renee Dupre

The decision of the judging panel is final. Unlike regular DKA procedure and the fiction contest, the judging panel will not be offering critique feedback. We will only contact the winners, HM's, and those persons whose poetry interests us for future issues.

Mir Note: Entries have not been numerous. That means your chances of winning or placing are not too bad, eh?


Chris said...

Just to clarify, entries to this one don't need dragons and/or knights and/or angels, correct?

Mirtika said...

Chris. None at all. You can totally eschew every fantasy convention and go sci-fi or magical realism.