Friday, September 08, 2006

Speculative Faith Friday:
Part Two of My Story Analysis

"I know an old couple who live near Hell."

Today, I finish up my blogging on Gene Wolfe's "Bed and Breakfast" over at Speculative Faith. Drop by. Comment. I'll be choosing a free book winner (ie my fave comment) from all comments of Sept 1/Sept 8.

And I ask this question (riffing off the story): If Satan devised a clever plan to get your soul, how would he attack you?

Would it be a desirable woman or man who needed you to rescue them?
Would it be by letting you win the Powerball?
Would it be the Pulitzer Prize for fiction?
Would it be letting you lose every extra pound?
Would it be food, wine, silks, satins, or ...what?


Anonymous said...

I think if he just asked me politely, that'd do it. Of course I'd want to know why he was interested, just by way of fishing for compliments. If anyone else were interested in it, I guess there'd be a bidding war.

Seriously though, I've always had a pencahnt for chocolate covered almonds. But I guess they'd melt and get all stuck together...

Rebecca said...

You got me thinking. Wow, I'm not sure what it would take (nothing on the list), but everyone has her price.

Heather said...

Screwtape letters, anyone?

The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

It's not hard. Hate, anger, jealousy or pride. Anyone or anything could be the trigger.

Bonnie Calhoun said...

I'm not sayin' cause the evil one is paying attention...LOL!

Mirtika said...

Bonnie, he know. BWAHAHAHAH

It might involve a hootchie red background, but, ahem, I ain't saying. ; )