Thursday, September 07, 2006

Prepare To Imagine Something Wild


Okay, read the following and try to imagine the fictional character I'm shortly about to describe:

So, there I was, shopping at the Genre Mall, and as I browsed available titles, I came across one that had a compound character adjective that stopped me in my mousetracks:


: : : Mir, blinking furiously : : :


: : : Mir, guffawing delightedly: : :

I gotta give Tyree Campbell*,author of A Nice Girl Like You, the story with said woman-celery-cheetah, his props. That is definitely a character description I've NEVER seen before. And that's something.

Plus, come on, admit it. If it were a real and not a virtual bookstore, you'd be skimming pages to see what's mutantly what, right? It's a grabber, yes?

Tell me. How did you picture a woman-celery-cheetah?

*Sidenote: Tyree was also amazingly understanding, helpful, prompt, and above-and-beyond nice in answering one of my questions re a subscription to his magazine, Aoife's Kiss. Nice, helpful folks get big kudos on Mirathon.

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Bonnie Calhoun said...

"woman-celery-cheetah" woulda' made me flip pages until I figured it out! LOL!