Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Post Conference Blogging:
Beauty of Spirit and Vulnerability

I was telling my hubby yesterday how I will be praying that God heals me up enough to go to the ACFW conference next year. Not because I want to network and get a contract, yadda yadda. (That would be nice, but I couldn't even bring myself to sell chocolate bars in elementary school. The introvert in me just wants to die thinking about trying to sell MYSELF, in a way.)

No, I wanna go because I think this group of men and women who assemble for this event are admirable and fascinating and compassionate and very spiritual.

If you doubt me, then you haven't read Shannon's post today. Or the 9/27 one by Claudia the Ragamuffin Diva. You should go read that right now:

Ended up Saturday at Lisa Samson's Published Not Popular workshop, and I admit, once again, I started trouble. I joked that I was sitting in the Holy Ghost row (the front) and Marilynn made the mistake of sitting with me. Before Lisa is done I'm crying incessantly, but out of some kind of grateful JOY and then Mary breaks down, and then Lisa and Liz Curtis Higgs and practically everybody and we get a magnificent visitation that makes that little conference room HOLY GROUND. Lisa reminded us that we write out of love and obedience. It's the kind of word from God that strips you of ambition and makes you say, "Yes, Lord." Even if I never earn out my advance. Even if I never get off of food stamps. Even if I never get to buy my husband a new car, or have real medical insurance. I say YES, because I love you, and want to obey you."

It's the kind of conference where a well-known author says she was told by God to focus on praying for others. It's the kind of conference where people say they stop writing if God tells them to and don't restart writing until God says "Now! Write!" It's the kind of conference where someone will sit outside the area where editor/agent appointments go on and pray for those nervous souls inside. It's the kind of conference where the admonition to love one another comes to life. It's the kind of conference where money is not a priority, where fame is not a concern, but rather where the Holy Spirit himself drops in to move hearts and illuminate minds.

That's why I want to go.

What? Wouldn't that tempt you?

Other links to conference debriefings are posted at J. Mark's site.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mir,

Sub "Holy Spirit" and "God" w/ "muses" there, and I'm totally down with it.

We're alike when it comes to sales too. I couldn't sell crack in prison if I went door-to-door with a wheelbarrow full.


Mirtika said...

My poor mom ending up having to either buy the bulk or take it to the factory to sell, cause I simply would crumple up in an introverted ball at the very idea of attempting sales. I still couldn't take a sales job. I'd go hungry. I'm in awe of great salespersons who can just plug and push and chat up.


Meg said...

Yes, you would love it, Mir. Plenty of selling goes on, but if you focus on all the lovely stuff instead, it's practically heaven. God, friends, books, food. What's not to love?

Victoria Gaines said...

Me, too, Mir. I wanna go. Sounds like a beautiful time with some very beautiful people.