Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mir's Latest List of Linky Goodness

Becky Miller continues her series of posts on Postmodernism:

So the first red flag indicating a misuse of Scripture, I think, is someone claiming they know completely. By that, I do not mean we cannot know what God has revealed about Himself—about His nature, His purpose, His work of redemption.

I’m talking about things like “knowing” I’ll be published because Jeremiah 29:11 says God has a plan for my welfare. Or “knowing” that God created the earth in six days when the sun didn’t even exist on the first “day.”


Chris "Nifty Novelist" Well posted on a new crime fiction anthology due out in October and titled THOU SHALT NOT..."where someone breaks one of the Ten Commandments with dire, deadly, or disastrous results."


Mirathon pal, Mikey D., has moved his excellent (and visually stunning) blog DeCOMPOSE to a new address. Those of you who have him bookmarked should note the new address:

Check out his latest entry regarding Islam. Food for thought in both he and another blogger's comments:

Camassia suggests that we’re “ceding too much ground to the pluralists to judge religions not by their truth, but by whether you’d want one as your next-door neighbor or not.” While I’m all for judging religions by their truth, I think it’s also wise to keep a good eye on your next door neighbor. Especially if that neighbor has it out for you.


The brilliantly opinionated J. Mark Bertrand is having his suit lined in kevlar for the upcoming ACFW Conference. Apparently, some of his opinions have ruffled feathers. He has a sense of humor about it, as usual, but there is something serious to consider in his post:

Church conflict is a funny thing. When you're convinced that you're right and that your detractors have misread and misinterpreted you, there's nothing you welcome more than the opportunity for confrontation. You imagine yourself standing Luther-like before your accusers, refuting their charges and bringing down the judgment of history on their heads while a halo of divine approval blinks on your brow. If only I could have my day in court, you think. Then I could justify myself! (Job, of course, thought along similar lines, and it turned out to be the wrong impulse.) In my experience, though, one never has the opportunity to face one's accusers in church conflict. Things aren't done directly because the direct route would so quickly expose, well, the sin at the heart of the controversy.


If you haven't ever visited Sugar Frosted Goodness, then drop by today. Lots of artwork on display. Veggie Run charmed me. Scroll down for the cute and sweet Our Farm, and scroll further down for the performing critters in Bug Attack. Pig Ride is so oddly charming and makes me feel six years old again. Look around. Something for every taste, I imagine.


For my fellow Butlerian CrushGirls: A not-new video of G.B. on Craig Ferguson's show. Funny stuff and an abundance of Scottish accenting--which I have long, long considered the most fetching accent on Earth--including amusing mimicking of Sean Connery. Plus about 3 seconds of His Hunkiness Highland flinging. Some mildish naughty language for those who are super-sensitive to such things. Enjoy.


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