Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Mir & Her Hair Won't Be Flying

Over at his blog, author Neil Gaiman is perusing a list of what he can and can't take with him in his aero-travels. One allowed item gives him...and me...pause.

I look at that list and think: No way. I go nowhere without my hair styling products and my CortAid. The first: I have wayward hair. It's an unruly child that must be chastised with Paul Mitchell and Pantene goos and spritzs. The second: As a sufferer of many allergies, some of which decide to afflict my epidermis, I always carry some type of hydrocortisone cream in my purse. I never know when my eyelids or my cheeks or my back or my arms are about to cause me torturous itchy-allergenic distress.

I wonder if my asthma inhalers are verboten? Hmmmm.

Well, if I ever healed up enough to travel, I couldn't now. Unless my hair and immune system suddenly got all better and my sole remaining affliction

Oh, looky. Yet another small reason to loathe, hate, detest, and abhor every plane-targeting, radical waste-of-breath out there that makes me glad a hell exists for them to wail and gnash their forever-damned teeth within.

I should have put a warning that the Mir is cranky from a couple day's of wheeziness and too much albuterol. August-September is a bad breathing time round here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mir,

I sympathize. My high allergic season (September) only increased over the years in Florida. So we get love-bugs and sneezums. Well, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord.



Mirtika said...

Steve, may the Lord take away from Florida and Floridians the hurricanes and allergies, and may he giveth cold fronts and a better orange crop. :D


Steven said...

Dear Mir,

May it be as you say.

God bless and