Friday, September 01, 2006

"I know an old couple who live near Hell"

That's the first line of the story by Gene Wolfe that I begin analyzing today at Speculative Faith.

I have some questions up, and I hope you come by and speculate.

The author of the best comment (as judged by moi) gets a FREE copy of Strange Travelers by Wolfe (if he or she desires it).

Why you might want this collection, this, from Wikipedia:

Although not a best-selling author, Wolfe is highly regarded by critics and fellow writers, and considered by many to be one of the best living science fiction authors. Indeed, he has sometimes been called the best living American writer regardless of genre. Award-winning science fiction author Michael Swanwick has said: "Gene Wolfe is the greatest writer in the English language alive today. Let me repeat that: Gene Wolfe is the greatest writer in the English language alive today! I mean it. Shakespeare was a better stylist, Melville was more important to American letters, and Charles Dickens had a defter hand at creating characters. But among living writers, there is nobody who can even approach Gene Wolfe for brilliance of prose, clarity of thought, and depth in meaning.".

Among others, writers Neil Gaiman and Patrick O'Leary have credited Wolfe for inspiration. O'Leary has said: "Forget 'Speculative Fiction'. Gene Wolfe is the best writer alive. Period"


Steven said...

Dear Mirtika,

This should qualify as one of the best--

I just recently found your blog and really love it--really love it. You right neat and interesting things and seem to be the kind of person I'd really like to meet in person. And it's not outside of the realm of possibility as I live a mere four and a half hours away near the land of the Mouse.

(Oh, and I know the prize was for best comment at the other blog--just figured I'd rah!rah! myself here.)

Keep it up. And let me know as soon as you have anything available for the public at large. We need to support our up-and-coming authors.

God bless and



Mirtika said...

Oh, you know, I thought you were UK Steve! hahah.

Which Steve are you? Got a blog? Put up the addy!

Thanks for the nice words. And do comment over at Spec Faith.


Steven said...

Dear Mir,

That should have been "write" not "right" and I do have a blog devoted largely to the Arts and matters Catholic and Carmelite.

Liked your look at Wolfe's story, and I'll have something soon to say about Christian Fiction in general. It's a very heartening scene.