Thursday, September 14, 2006

I Guess I'm Hopelessly Twee & Dreamy

Neil Gaiman hates its, to quote directly from his blog, "nightmarish horribleness." But I could imagine living there. I love wood and stone and old fantasy world charm. Yeah, I wouldn't turn away a free one of these babies. Of course, it depends on how well the designs are executed. Cheap looking fantasy cottages can be pretty horrid.

I must have misplaced my taste sensor today, or maybe I just have read too many fantasies with woods and cottages.

What say you? Would you live in The Shire if they handed you the keys? Or the Big Test: Would you buy one?

Edited Sunday, September 17, 6:27pm to add:

Someone wrote to Neil Gaiman about The Shire. This is up at Gaiman's blog--
Not a question, but a comment: I lived in Bend up until a few months ago and I think it's awesome that you linked to the Bend Shire development.

I wish more developers and builders would take as much time planning their subdivisions as the folks behind the Shire obviously have.

They seem to have had a lot of delays in getting the project out of the ground. I'm not sure why that is, but it's not in the most desirable part of Bend and the homes are definitely more expensive than most people can afford--not that price seems to matter much in Bend.

The whole thing might be a little campy with Bilbo's house and the community auditorium, but the materials and design elements that the builders are using are quite forward thinking.


Katie Hart said...

I love the Tutor look, so I'd enjoy a house like one of these. But considering it's on the other side of the country (thought I saw something about Oregon on the site, and I'm in PA), I think I'd have to pass.

BTW - I did finally make my Christian music blog more colorful as per your suggestion - let me know what you think!

Elliot said...

Looks pretty cool to me!