Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy Frijoles Negros To You!
Happy Tamal en Hoja To You!
Happy Valrhona, dear Sister.
Happy Wolverine Action Figure to YOU!!!

Friday was my older (not oldest) sister's birthday. I took her out to lunch at a Cuban restaurant: Wajiros. She was craving masitas de puerco. Me, I'm always up for black bean soup and a tamal en hoja--Cuban style*, not Mexican. And thick, foamy, sweet Cuban cafe. We also ordered mariquitas with garlicky mojo for dipping. And a forgettable omelette with very nice chorizo filling (also sweet plantain, ham, onions, green peppers, and cheese in it).

For some reason, the olive oil tasted of anise. My sister liked it and joked with the waiter that someone must have spiked it with El Mono. I did not like it, just as I don't like El Mono anisette. (And I don't like licorice, either.) I do, however, like anise tea, but that may have more to do with me associating it with comfort and tummy relief, since it's the tea my mom would brew up whenever we had digestive upsets.

I gave her a lovely, feminine frame for her to put her first photo of our first grandniece, who is due to be born in a month. I also gave her some Burt's Bees products and Valrhona dark chocolate (which she enjoys muchly.) Saturday, we got together at my older brother's house, played scrabble, had applie pie and some Amaretto. Hubby and I gave her another present: A fully articulating Marvel Legends WOLVERINE action figure. (Middle sister and I both have loved Wolvie since the seventies.) Our grandnephew, Xavi, promptly said it was a gift for both he and middle sister. Yeah, kids. I may get him the masked one for his birthday, if I find it locally.

Today, I stayed home to recover from the socializing. Hermits such as I are drained by social events, no matter how pleasant. It's just how introverts are. I wish I were more extroverted, but God didn't make me that way.

I hope you'll check out the recipe links. Maybe you can try something Cuban at home,if you've never had it before.

I hope your Sunday was restful and blessed and that God spoke something wonderful to your soul today.

*Gluttony Note: Even as I type, there are thirty, home-made tamales en hoja in the freezer of my (eldest) sister's house. I ordered them from one of her in-laws, who happens to make the best tamales in Miami. (That I know of.) Naturally, I will be sharing with siblings. Some.


Jackie said...

Hey M.
I've been to your site many times. I'm not much for leaving comments, but am getting better about that.

Did you notice the link for your site on my sidebar? I think your site looks really cool. One of these days I'm going to figure out how to break out of the template box. hee hee.

Thanks for adding me to your blog lines. That's great.

Mirtika said...

No, I didn't see that. THANKS. Next round of links updates for mine (which I do rarely cause i hate touching the template, sure it will explode in my face), I will add ya. :D

Thanks for the visit.

Carmen Andres said...

ooo, tamales. my stomach growled just reading about your culinary venture. no such delights in this town. verryy jealous. vveerryy.