Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gropegate--the Message is on the Media:
T-Shirts & Buttons for Fandom's Femmes

Anger tends to get expressed, someway, somehow. That's a fact of life.

If you're part of SF Fandom and ticked about The Incident, now you can wear your anger in t-shirt form. And hey, here's yet another and my personal fave slogan of the lot.

Or, if you want to be nice and platonically cuddly, get a button with a positive message and cutesy artwork.

I was gonna drop the subject of Harlan Ellison and the Willis Incident (aka Gropegate), but the hineysmooching going on at the Harlan Ellison Bulletin Board proves clearly that several of Ellison's most ardent fans are as foul-mouthed and dismissive as their master. If we disagree with them--if we opine that Ellison is an arrogant, attention-grabbing pest when in public--then we're apes and maggots with nothing better to do than overreact.

In other words, we're not human, sub-human, not worth being heard when we say X behavior has got to stop by Y and Z and their ilk.

Those of us offended by decades of bad behavior from the once enfant terrible grown into senior citizen terrible, those of us not pleased that he thought payback was due to Ms. Willis at a public event for his perceived humiliations at her hands, well, we don't matter. We've only blogged 553 times, supposedly, on this issue. And, hold your caballos, Nelly, cause various of the complaining bloggers haven't--gasp--read Ellison. 553 non-sycophants upset? Feh on them--ie, us. CNN and MSNBC and FOX and the NYT, none has covered the brouhaha, so no one should make a fuss on the blogosphere. Shaddup already, they say. You're--ie, we're--just morons.

Well, I know who HE is. I've spent lots of moolah buying his stuff since the seventies. And I know who Willis is.

And I know whose books I will continue to buy...and whose I won't.

And I don't need CNN to tell me when I think someone is a jerk who has precious little time on Earth to get a clue about how he should treat fellow human beings, which is to say, not as if they were worthless maggots*.

So, if you look good in t-shirts and you're still mad as hell...get thee shopping.

*Note, medically speaking, maggots are quite useful, and some folks find them a tasty treat. Just clarifying that even maggots have a purpose. To rid the world of festering debris. Um....Um...hey...wait a minute... let's be maggots, after all!


Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL...Tell me how you really feel...LOL

I've put up a new template, that I'm trying, go give it a look!

Mirtika said...

Be right there, Sister B.


Steven said...

Dear Mir,

Preach it Lady! This sort of nonsense must end.

On another note my young son often asks me the purpose of various things--ticks, mosquitoes, leeches, a variety of creepy crawlies and vermin. My answer is always the same--"Insomuch as any creature has a purpose, it's purpose is to praise God." The inevitable question is "How does a mosquito praise God?" And the answer is, "By being the very best mosquito it is possible to be."

A way of thanking you for your note on maggots.



Mirtika said...

What is the mosquitoe's purpose? I hate the things. :)