Saturday, September 16, 2006

"From the sea a hero"

Check out the preview of BEOWULF & GRENDEL over at

Looks like a lot of violence (duh) and gorgeous Icelandic vistas. Click on the button that gives you the larger screen version for full Butlerian enjoyment. Definitely looks like a guy flick overall, but Gerry is there to make the female hearts go boomshackalacka!

The added appeal of this video: It's set to "Out of this World" by Bush. One of my all-time fave songs from the Buffy years. It hugely enhances a particularly sensual and tense silent scene in the 2002, season six episode titled "Dead Things." Spike and Buffy and mucho angst. The song is perfect for the scene.

When we die, we go into the arms of those who remember us.
We are home now, out of our heads, out of our minds.
Out of this world. Out of our time.
Are you drowning or waving? I just want you to save me.
Should we try to get along. Just try to get along.
So we move. We change by the speed of the choices that we make.
And the barriers are all self made. That’s so retrograde.
Are you drowning or waving? I just need you to save me.
Should we try to get along. Just try to get along.
I am alive. I'm awake to the trials and confusion we create.
There are times I feel the way we're about to break.
When there’s too much to say.
We are home now out of our heads out of our minds.
Out of this world. Out of this time.
Out of this time. Out of this time.

The movie is based on the oldest surviving epic in British Literature,Beowulf, which I read, what, 15 plus years ago. I think I just barely got through it.

from Prologue of BEOWULF

You have heard of the Danish Kings
in the old days and how
they were great warriors.
Shield, the son of Sheaf,
took many an enemy's chair,
terrified many a warrior,
after he was found an orphan.
He prospered under the sky
until people everywhere
listened when he spoke.
He was a good king!

Shield had a son,
child for his yard,
sent by God
to comfort the people,
to keep them from fear--
Grain was his name;
he was famous
throughout the North.
Young princes should do as he did--
give out treasures
while they're still young
so that when they're old
people will support them
in time of war.
A man prospers
by good deeds
in any nation.

I pre-ordered my copy of the video earlier in the week via amazon. Its release date is in ten days or so. Maybe I'll review it later on.



Bonnie Calhoun said...

Waaahhhh! I only have dialup...can't see it! To long to load!

Mirtika said...

Oh, sorry, Bonnie. You can rent the film on DVD. :D