Wednesday, September 20, 2006

CSFF Blog Tour, Day Three, featuring:

Apologies for flaking out on Tuesday. Feeling fatigued (hugely) and lethargic and ear achey (which I have no idea if it's a sinus thing coming on or the TMJ acting up.)

I feel BLEH! If you feel bleh, too, cheer yourself up by visiting, EDENSTAR, our featured blog site.

Today, I'm zero-ing in on the Potter section. As an unapologetic, stand-in-line for reserved copy, waiting for finale like a drooling dog for a bone, Potterhead, I had to click the "On Harry Potter" link. Some of the tasty offerings include:

~~A Charmed Life : the Spirituality of Potterworld [Paperback]
by Francis Bridger

In A Charmed Life, Francis Bridger, a theologian and pastor, argues that far from promoting the dark arts, the Potter books are firmly based in Christian values, and offer valuable insights into our characters, our relationships, our priorities, and our spirituality.

~~Looking for God in Harry Potter [Hardcover]
by John Granger

John Granger, a devout Christian, teacher of classic literature, and father of seven children, first read the Harry Potter books so he could explain to his children why they weren't allowed to read them. After intense study, however, he became convinced that the books are underestimated as literature--and reflect important Christian truths. "Looking for God in Harry Potter" gives parents and teachers a roadmap for using the Harry Potter books to teach Christian truth to children.

~~Faith Journey Through Fantasy Lands: A Christian Dialogue With Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the Lord of the Rings
by Russell W. Dalton

Faith Journey through Fantasy Lands engages popular culture in the hugely successful stories of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Lord of the Rings. Russell W. Dalton guides the reader through these contemporary fantasy stories, illuminating them with light from the Christian faith journey. He also takes on the issues within the stories that have led some Christians to reject them.

And, being a fair site, books that critique and warn of the dangers of Potterness are also listed, such as:

~~Harry Potter and the Bible: the Menace Behind the Magick [Paperback]
by Richard Abanes

Harry Potter and his magical adventures as a wizard-in-training continue to mesmerize millions worldwide. In "Harry Potter and the Bible", Richard Abanes provides a hard look at America's not-so-subtle drift toward paganism and examines the reasons why God says "no" to occultism.

If you're a Potterhead, you'll want to browse.

Then check out Becky Miller's multiple choice Edenstar quiz. Oh, come on, it'll make you feel 15 and high school-y again.

And now, my blog tourmates. They welcome you with open blogs:

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Anonymous said...

Uh, if you're gonna take a day off, we're gonna need a doctor's note.

Seriously Mir, I have no idea how you manage to blog every single day, sometimes more than once. I mean, like I get a little stressed trying to come up with something every week. My kid's gone down to like once a year or something.


Mirtika said...

Hiya, Chris. If you'll notice, a lot of those multiple posts don't require a lot of thought-pondering input from me. I just link up and make some off-the-cuff comment.

If I had to write "thought out" posts (like my Friday Femme at Spec Faith) every day, I'd go berserk.

I may have already. ; )

BTW, enjoyed Godspeed. :)