Friday, September 01, 2006

Cool T-Shirts for A Good Cause: Buy Now!

Rob Schwager (artist/friend of Chris "Nifty Novelist" Well) donated a t-shirt design to 70*7 website. Proceeds go to one of In the Open Carmen's favorite charities: Invisible Children. See the shameless theft of bandwidth at left and below right.

Rob's shirt comes in my signature colors: red and black. This makes the Mir happy upon beholding it. Then Mir sees the available sizes and said happiness evaporates.
If the Mir weren't the size of a rather vast barn, she might have fit in one. She, however, does not fit in one. Not even close. I might have to get it for Mir's Mister, who is a fine figure of a man--tall and leggy and just exactly the size a man ought to be, which is to say, not barn-like in the least. Of course, knowing my husband, he would have preferred the design in the upper regions rather than down in the lower right.

But, hey, black and red! And double hey--charity!

To view the cool designs and help out good causes, go to Seventy Star Seven.

Other designs designate proceeds to different charities. (ACS, Mocha Club/African Leadership, etc).


The Curmudgeon's Rant said...

What a great idea!

They look awesome too.

RobSchwager said...

Yeah, the size thing bums me out too. Me needum BIG.
Heck, i can't even wear a shirt of my OWN design...


Thanks for posting this Mir!

Mirtika said...

You're welcome, Mr. S. Get one for your lovely wife. :)


carmen said...

mir, thanks for plugging "invisible children"! as always, you make me smile, laugh and love being able to know you exist and walk this planet all in one post. blessings.

Mirtika said...

Well, um, ack, I'm speechless. (typeless?)



carmen said...

roflol - wish i could leave my kids in that state, heh. seriously, mir, i love reading your blog. back in my previous life as a magazine editor, i was always looking for writers like you. i'm thinking whatever novel you publish has GOT to bring you some recognition (and well-deserved wealth, heh). blessings.